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Chapter 2300: Still want your face? (6)

“So, there are actually many early historical remains near Lone Sky Summit? Isn’t this just great? After we’re done with our official business, why don’t we stay back for some time and check it out to see if we are able to get any opportunities.” Liu Buyan looked pensive as he said that.

Huang Yueli’s brows rose when she heard that, “If you’re able to cure Moying’s illness, then staying behind for a duration of time isn’t a problem at all. But don’t blame me for not reminding you on this! There are more dangers lurking around Lone Sky Summit than opportunities! The last time I came, I saw quite a number of powerful practitioners’ corpses and there were even ancient times’ tenth stage realm practitioner’s dead bodies….”

“What? There’s such a thing?” Liu Buyan revealed an astonished expression.

When he took another look at Long Sky Summit, his gaze had less desire and more of precaution.

Meng Wan’er was listening by the side when she suddenly felt a little strange.

From this wretched lass’s tone, she seemed to have come to Lone Sky Summit previously? She wasn’t Ice Serpent Valley’s disciples and she’s still so young so generally speaking it’s not possible for her to come to such a dangerous place like Northern Ice Field’s freezing zone for experience learning?

Meng Wan’er’s heart was filled with even more important matters hence these distracting thoughts had merely flashed past, without giving it any detailed thoughts.

Just as the group was trudging through the snow, after almost one hour had passed, they slowly got nearer to the foot of Lone Sky Summit.

Meng Wan’er suddenly stopped in her tracks as her eyes opened wide and pointed to the front not too far away as she cried out in astonishment, “Quickly look, what’s that?”

The group followed the direction of her finger as they looked over.

Underneath the tall mountain which was stretched into the clouds, an icy region on a region had melted slightly and they could faintly see that under the thin layer of ice, there seemed to be some traces of stone sculptured, and some stone sculptures were already exposed as it laid bare in the air.

Cang Po Jun and the others’ eyes all lit up.

“Could it be that this is an early historical remains?”

“It’s highly possible. Previously Young Miss Meng and Master Bai have already said that there are many early historical remains near Lone Sky Summit and I did not expect that we’ve just seen one earlier!”

“Looks like our luck isn’t too bad!”

The few of them were slightly excited as they started to discuss in a low voice and when they didn’t notice it, Meng Wan’er had already started running towards those stone sculptures.

When Li Moying saw that, he frowned as he shouted out sharply, “Meng Wan’er, what are you trying to do? Get back here right now! We have official business to work on this time round and now is not the time to go look at these early historical remains!”

However, when he spoke out, Meng Wan’er was already like a sharp arrow which had left it’s bow and scuttered a long distance away, directly running to the side of the stone sculptures.

Just from the speed, Huang Yueli also started suspecting if she had extended all the body movements Profound Skills that she had!

Hearing Li Moying’s sharp bark, Meng Wan’er seemed as though she had a fright and stopped in her tracks, turning her head back.

“Ah? Young Master Li, you… what did you say? The wind’s too big, I… I can’t hear clearly…..”

Li Moying frowned as his voice became even colder and harsher, “Don’t pretend and scram back here right now, otherwise…”

Meng Wan’er was so frightened that she shuddered from hearing his gloomy tone.

Although Li Moying always had a powerful presence, but when he was with Huang Yueli, he would intentionally suppress his aura hence this was the first time Meng Wan’er had deeply felt what a terror he was.

Even though the both of them were apart by a thousand meters and above, but after being swept by that sharp gaze, Meng Wan’er felt as though her body was about to freeze into ice.