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Chapter 2296: Still want your face? (2)

Saying that, Li Moying pointed towards Cang Po Jun’s direction.

Cang Po Jun was still holding on to the dried food as he chewed on it and he had not expected that without any warning, his own Master actually threw a pan over, scaring so much that he almost choked to death.

“Cough cough, cough cough, Young Miss Meng, it’s not me…” He wanted to deny but when he met with Li Moying’s icy cold gaze, he could only flusteredly change his words, “This…. saving you took very slight effort so you don’t need to mind it too much…”

However, Meng Wan’er seemed as though she didn’t hear what he said and lifted her head up as her gaze shot towards Li Moying sentimentally.

“Young Master Li, you’re really one of noble character and unquestionable integrity, actually rejecting the credit after you’ve saved someone! How would I not understand, if Guardian Jun didn’t listen to your orders, how would he possibly save me? Young Master Li, please accept this lady’s bow!”

Saying that, she really bowed down as her posture seemed extremely sincere.

When Meng Wan’er lifted her head, she continued, “Young Master Li, I will definitely repay you and no matter what request you have, just go ahead and tell me!”

Li Moying’s brows were deeply knotted as he took a look at Huang Yueli beside him.

To tell the truth, although since young he had always been the object of pursuit from many young ladies from various Sects, and the number of ladies who preferred to stick to him instead were aplenty, but he had really not met many of those who were as shameless as Meng Wan’er.

If it wasn’t for Huang Yueli who insisted on keeping her alive, he would have taken action to kill her long ago!

However, Meng Wan’er didn’t know that she had just taken a walkabout from the door of hell and yet still thinking highly of herself while doing her calculations.

Yesterday, after she was dragged to the rear mountain by the Snowfield Great Wolf, she thought that she was a goner for sure but whoever knew that today when she awoke, she realised that she was still well alive and not only that, she was lying in the temporarily campsite which Ice Serpent Valley had prepared and her injuries had recovered by a large half!

Initially Meng Wan’er didn’t dare to believe but very quickly, she quickly realised and knew that she must have been saved by Li Moying and the rest!

To tell the truth, if it wasn’t for the fact that she had experienced it personally, Meng Wan’er really didn’t dare to believe that someone was really able to survive from such a large herd of Snowfield Great Wolves attack.

Whereas for Li Moying’s group of people, not only had they done it, moreover from their looks, they practically weren’t injured at all, apparently they had a crushing advantage.

This proved that this group of people’s abilities had surpassed what she had initially predicted!

Li Moying was actually able to lead such a powerful group of practitioners and with his innate talent and ability, it was obvious that the kind of status he had in Sky Emperor City was way beyond what she had imagined!

Thinking of this, Meng Wan’er deeply regretted her blind moves for attempting to escape!

If she had known earlier, she should have put on a chaste and ardent look yesterday, saying that she would vow to die together with Li Moying and hug on tightly onto a thick thigh like Li Moying so that in future, she would be able to shine!

She didn’t know if Li Moying had already seen through that she was the one who initiated the escape yesterday but Meng Wan’er’s brain raced swiftly knowing that she should mend the pen after the sheep were lost immediately.

Hence she put on a pathetic young wife’s look, hoping to gain Li Moying’s sympathy and make use of this opportunity to devote her life to him!

Huang Yueli’s lips curled into a cold smile as she lowered her voice, “Young Miss Meng, you really don’t need to stand on ceremony. Everyone is a team and saving you is just on the way, didn’t I also save you conveniently too? Whoever knew that after I saved you, you actually escaped!”