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Chapter 2297: Still want your face? (3)

Meng Wan’er’s heart thumped hard, as she finally recalled the truth of her ingratitude and did nothing to save Huang Yueli who was in danger.

But she quickly reacted as her tears started rolling down while crying.

“Young Miss Bai, you… you’ve mistaken me. Yesterday I wanted to go ask for help hence I ran off first but I’ve not expect that I’d just taken a few steps away and you were snuck on by an attack by the Snowfield Great Wolves and I totally wasn’t able to save you in time… Young Miss Bai, I really didn’t intentionally leave you behind to leave first…”

Huang Yueli’s brows rose slightly as she spoke out calmly, “Oh? Is it really like this? But yesterday I remember that Guardian Jun had headed towards the northwest direction to save you and in that direction, there was no one there so who are you trying to ask to save us? Could it be that you’re planning to run all the way back to Ice Serpent Valley to ask for help?”

Meng Wan’er was stuffed right back once again and her expression instantly turned extremely ugly.

She really hadn’t imagined that Huang Yueli’s train of thoughts was actually that clear. No matter how she tried to tangle or mess it up, secretly trying to change the concept but the other party actually just doesn’t get tricked at all!

The scene instantly became awkward and Cang Po Jun and the others seemed to look at the pale faced Meng Wan’er, not exposing her but just watching her put up a performance.

Meng Wan’er kept thinking and hence she hardened her heart and then knelt down in front of Huang Yueli once again.

A crisp “pa” was heard as she lifted her hand and gave herself a tight slap on her own face!

“Young Miss Bai, it’s all my fault. I’m the one who lacked experience training and was stunned momentarily hence I just flusteredly chose a direction to run in, I’m the one who caused harm to you! I’m sorry, please forgive me! Please let me follow Yuong Master Li and I’ll serve the both of you well!”

Her tear-stained face looked extremely pitiful.

This face, if anyone else who didn’t know what was going on, might really make others think that she was really sincere and was extremely worth pitying.

If she met with a flirtatious man who had tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex, most of them would not be able to resist this kind of temptation and even if their fiancée was beside them, they would most probably take her as concubine.

But alas, she was facing Li Moying.

Not only did Li Moying not feel that Meng Wan’er was pitiful, instead his veins were popping out on his forehead as he almost couldn’t control his fury!

His Li’er saved this woman but she actually abandoned Li’er and escaped. This kind of ungrateful white-eyed wolf, killing her ten thousand times would still not remove the hatred! Still say that she wanted to serve him? Why didn’t she look at her own reflection, she’s not even fit to be his maid!

Huang Yueli was just standing by his side and on seeing her own fiancé almost about to fly into a rage, she hurriedly stretched out her arms as she pinched him on his firm waist.

Li Moying turned back and gave her an angry stare.

Huang Yueli palacated him as she smiled and mouthed her words, “It’s almost done, don’t be angry.”

Li Moying pursed his thin lips coldly, not saying a single word.

Huang Yueli took a step up and put out her hands as she lifted Meng Wan’er up.

Meng Wan’er originally was intent on kneeling but following Huang Yueli’s action was a huge burst of powerful Profound Energy which wrapped around her body, making her unable to resist against it and had no way to continue kneeling as she could only stand up.

“Young… Young Miss Bai?” She spoke out apprehensively.

Huang Yueli casted an eye at her as she spoke out coldly, “Young Miss Meng, as to what happened yesterday, everyone is clear on it and there’s no need for you to act pitiful to gain sympathy. We still require you to be our guide and moreover, on account of Valley Master Meng’s face, so we won’t do anything to you. Hurry on and pack up, we’ll need to hurry on our journey.”