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Chapter 2295: Still want your face? (1)

“This…. isn’t this a little too delicious? This is my first time eating such delicious roasted meat and the skin is crispy while the meat is soft and tender. Moreover I’ve eaten wolf meat in the past and there was always an evident foul smell and the quality of the meat was always gruff so to tell the truth, it’s a little difficult to swallow. But the wolf meat that Grandmaster Huang roasted totally doesn’t have any of these problems at all. How did you do it?” Cang Po Hun was full of praise for it.

He originally was a foodie so when he praised Huang Yueli, it could be said to be right on the dot.

This kind of fawning, naturally, was extremely effective towards Huang Yueli.

She giggled and said, “This… of course there’s a secret to it but the most important point is I’m a fire-attributed practitioner! To tell the truth about culinary skills, it’s a kind of fire control skill, but just merely using the flame to heat up the food, and not to refine ingredients for weapons or pills! In comparison, cooking is much simpler!”

“So it’s like this!” Cang Po Hun nodded his head and immediately, he had new questions, “In this way, all the Armament Masters and Pill Masters should all have not bad culinary skills? Then why is it….”

He said this halfway and took a look at Liu Buyan then stopped.

But his meaning was rather obvious because everyone knew that he was asking why Liu Buyan didn’t know how to cook!

Liu Buyan was pointed out by Cang Po Hun but his expression remained unchanged as he used a few fake coughs.

“Cough cough, what’s so strange about that? We Pill Masters are craftsmen and most of the time we have few desires and pay more attention to maintaining good health so there aren’t many of us who love delicacies. Look at my Master, he usually only eats vegetables or fruits and never takes magical beasts’ meat so no matter what delicacies you tell him about, it’s all like playing music to a cow!”

Huang Yueli burst out laughing, “You lay Master out like this, be careful that when we return, I will complain to him!”

After finishing the barbecued meat, they snuck into the tents which had already been pitched and prepared to rest.

As Huang Yueli set up an invisible array on the exterior boundary of the campsite, so they didn’t feel any disturbances for the entire night.

The very next morning, when the sky was slightly bright, the group got up and prepared to continue on their journey.

This day, the rampaging snowstorm had stopped and there were faint rays of sunshine in the skies of the Ice Fields.

Huang Yueli stretched and said, “It’s almost time for us to set off, I wonder if Meng Wan’er is already awake and if her injuries had worsened?”

Liu Buyan immediately spoke out, “Junior Sister doesn’t trust my medical skills? Don’t worry, she won’t die and until now, she should have recovered by a large half.”

His words had just ended when Meng Wan’er’s tent’s curtain door was opened from the inside.

Meng Wan’er walked out with a wane and sallow expression on her face.

When she saw the few people in the campsite, she didn’t appear too surprised but merely blinked her eyes then pursed her lips as she appeared bashful for some time followed by tears following down from her eyes.

“Sniff sniff… many thanks… many thanks to Young Master Li for saving my life! Yesterday… yesterday I was dragged by that Snowfield Great Wolf to the rear mountain and thought that…. I wouldn’t be able to stay alive, but I’ve not expected to still be alive! Young Master Li, towards your favour and kindness, I really… can’t repay it even if my body is torn and my bones are crushed.”

As she was saying that, she suddenly knelt onto the ground as she started crying out loudly and even shuffled upwards on her knees, trying to hug Li Moying’s thigh.

Li Moying was shocked as he hurriedly shifted backwards all the way until he hid behind Huang Yueli’s back.

His good looking straight brows creased together as his expression remained rather cold and strict, “Young Miss Meng please don’t misunderstand. I’m not the one who saved you, it’s this Young Master Cang here who did.”