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Chapter 2294: Quickly kill them all and let’s eat (6)

Liu Buyan felt that he had sacrificed a lot and grabbed the opportunity to raise this request to Huang Yueli.

Before Huang Yueli could even reply, Li Moying’s sneer was heard from behind her back.

“You have your own hands and feet, don’t you even know how to roast your own meat? If you don’t, then go find a wife to roast for you. The meat that my wife roasts, is all for me!”

After Li Moying’s arrogant and overbearing announcement, he stretched out his hand and wrapped it around his own wife, “Li’er, in this pack of Snowfield Great Wolves, there’s one wolf which is an eighth tier magical beast. Earlier I dug out its magical beast core, see if you like it or not?”

He opened up his palms to reveal a sparkling bright magical beast core, sending it to Huang Yueli’s face.

“Wow, ice attribute eighth tier magical beast core!” Huang Yueli was indeed attracted by his gift as her pair of big eyes were sparkling with light, “That’s great, this is something that we can hope but not wish for! The mechanism that I was working on in Levitation Sword Palace the last time is just short of one piece of ice attribute eighth tiered magical beast core as the energy source! That’s really great, Moying you’re the best!”

“Mmm hmm, of course I’m the one who treats you the best, isn’t it?” Li Moying boasted shamelessly and at the same time, shot a provocative gaze towards Liu Buyan.

Huang Yueli’s heart was feeling elated as she didn’t notice his little action and obediently nodded her head, “That’s of course! Moying, let’s hurry and find a place to pitch our camp. The day is not early and Meng Wan’er is still half dead, so hopefully she doesn’t die in the middle of the road. We have to rest earlier and continue on our journey earlier tomorrow.”

Of course Li Moying didn’t had any objections and when the others had all settled the Snowfield Great Wolves’ corpses, they all gathered around and set off together.

Meng Wan’er as the tour guide was still unconscious even though she had taken Liu Buyan’s medicinal pill.

But when the crowd set off in the morning, they had already made markings on the map along the road which they rested and pitched their camps in case any accidents occurred.

So although they didn’t have Meng Wan’er to guide the way, they were still able to search towards the first campsite, only thing was they had to be slightly more careful along the way.

Luckily their luck wasn’t too bad and they hadn’t met with any troubles on the way so they quickly reached their destination.

This campsite was a place where Ice Serpent Valley supplied to their disciples as a replenishment point, hence not only was it safe, moreover there were quite a number of living facilities around, and also some food and seasoning. For example, fine salt and honey for roasting meat.

When Huang Yueli stuffed Meng Wan’er into the tent, she immediately set up the fire and roasted the fresh wolf meat.

Huang Yueli’s culinary skills had always been outstanding, and in her past life, this belonged to Li Moying exclusively.

But now, everyone was in the team and Huang Yueli didn’t want to go for special treatment hence she roasted one wolf leg for each and every one of them.

Li Moying flew into a jealous rage and attempted to safeguard his own sovereignty, “Li’er, you… how could you be like this? Aren’t you cooking just for me alone?”

Looking at the usually cool and collected man revealing such a childish expression, Huang Yueli couldn’t help but burst out laughing as she stretched out her hand and patted his handsome face.

“Can you stop being so childish, when have I ever said this kind of thing? Moreover speaking, this isn’t considered cooking, just merely roasting the meat and since we’re outside, let’s not haggle over this so much! When we return to Levitation Sword Palace, I’ll make tastier food for you, and not for them!”

Li Moying was then satisfied as he generously gave up on those wolf meat which he, the Young Master, couldn’t finish.

This was the first time Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Hun tasted Huang Yueli’s culinary skills and after taking a bite out of the wolf leg, they were so touched that their tears were dripping down.