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Chapter 2293: Quickly kill them all and let’s eat (5)

He placed Meng Wan’er onto the ground and the others immediately crowded over.

Meng Wan’er’s entire body was covered in wounds and the clothes on her were soaked through entirely in blood.

There were light and deep scars everywhere over her four limbs, one after another and even her face bore the signs of being scratched by wolf claws.

But fortunately, she had on a piece of diamond lock armour which protected her body well, hence her internal organs weren’t hurt at all.

Otherwise, from her current situation, she would probably have ended up as a dead corpse.

When Huang Yueli saw this, she couldn’t help but creased her brows, “What’s going on? Why did she run about for no good reason for?”

Li Moying knew what happened the minute he saw her and sneered, “Meng Wan’er definitely assumed that we would all be killed by those Snowfield Great Wolves hence she thought of different ways to escape but unfortunately she didn’t expected that a head of Snowfield Great Wolf had not came out in time and was still hiding behind the ice mountain so if she ran towards there, wouldn’t she become the sacrificial lamb walking right into the tiger’s mouth?”

Huang Yueli shook her head as she sighed, “This really is…. outsmarting herself! But doesn’t she like you? At this crucial moment, she actually left you behind and ran away?”

When Li Moying heard that, he took a look at her with a smile as he tugged her little hand, gently playing with her fingers.

“Husband and wife are birds of the same forest but they fly separately when disaster strikes. The only person who is willing to live or die together with me, is only you alone…”

However, Huang Yueli wasn’t as touched as what he had imagined but instead he spoke out concernedly, “Stop telling me these sweet nothings, don’t think that you can just coax me with a few words and that would conceal the fact that you attract those bees and butterflies? Alright, quickly go on and skin those wolves, then leave the spines behind. These are valuable medicinal ingredients and it can all be refined into many different medicinal pills. The wolf claws can be refined into an Armament Weapon and that can be kept as well. Another thing is cut some meat for me, we can have a barbecue tonight for dinner.”

In a few mere words, she had already arranged jobs for everyone.

Cang Po Jun and the others all nodded their heads consecutively as they went on to their tasks.

Huang Yueli thought over it for a while and called out to Liu Buyan, “Right, Senior Brother, quickly come over and help Meng Wan’er take a look, don’t let her die!”

Liu Buyan dragged his feet as he walked over, and from the expression on his face, it was apparent that he wasn’t willing at all.

“This woman is always looking for death so what’s there to save, just let her die cleanly! Then it will save her the hassle of creating trouble! I think she doesn’t know much about the freezing zone as well, so it might as well be better for us to feel our way out!”

Huang Yueli’s hands joined together as she put on a sincere and pleading posture as she said, “Aiya, Senior Brother, just help out please! I am still hoping to find out the ghost mask man’s scheme from her! Meng Wan’er still can’t die right now! Your medical skills are so high, isn’t just treating these external wounds as easy as lifting your finger?”

Liu Buyan looked at her pair of sparkling large eyes as his heart pounded and was unable to say out any words of rejection.

He could only helplessly say, “Sigh, know how much this Divine Doctor’s consultation? Know how much I sell one piece of medicinal pill for? You’re really a wastrel!”

Although he said that, he still grabbed Meng Wan’er’s wrist and casually spent a breath of time to take her pulse.

“Nothing much, just external injury and she’s recover after taking some medicinal pills and resting for a few days.” Liu Buyan casually took out a bottle of medicinal pills after he finished speaking and poured out one pill as he stuffed it into Meng Wan’er’s mouth, “Alright, This Divine Doctor has already done my obligations so later you’ll have to roast a few more pieces of wolf meat for me!”