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Chapter 2292: Quickly kill them all and let’s eat (4)

Li Moying walked towards her alone and his tall statue was reflected against the sunset, appearing extremely powerful and strong.

Even though earlier he had just experienced a fierce fight, but his clothes were totally not messy at all and his posture while walking over was composed and at ease, totally filled with a pure man’s powerful strength.

Huang Yueli stared at his imperious handsome face for a while and proactively ran towards him as she threw herself into the man’s arms.

“Moying, you’re still the awesome one, I really like you so very much!” She lifted her head and planted a kiss on that man’s steadfast and stylist lower jaw.

Li Moying’s brows rose as his arm slid downwards, holding her waist and lifting her upwards, carrying her into his arms.

His deep sexy voice brushed her ears, “What’s the matter? Know your own mistake hence intending to act coquettish to smuggle through this?”

Huang Yueli blinked her large eyes and looked at him in astonishment as though she couldn’t understand, “Know my mistake? Where did I do wrong?”

Li Moying gave a humph as he patted her perky little butt a hard slap which gave a resounding “slap”.

“You still have the cheek to ask where you’re wrong! Don’t think that I didn’t see it, earlier those two Snowfield Great Wolves pounced towards that female surnamed Meng right? Why did you save her for no reason? Just let herself face the perilous situation! Moreover, to be attacked by the two Great Wolves at the same time yet you still don’t call out for help, but go up against it alone?”

Huang Yueli was caught unaware as her butt was slapped by him.

Her little face flushed red and she kicked Li Moying hard on his leg and while taking the chance when he loosened his grip, she flusteredly jumped right out of his arms while covering her butt as she accused him indignantly, “You, you, you… how could you hit others at that area!”

Li Moying totally didn’t feel that he did anything wrong as he gave a cold harrump, “Because you need to be taught a lesson! What did you promise me earlier? Haven’t I told you to pay attention to your own safety?”

Huang Yueli stared at him angrily and argued strongly for what she thought was right, “When did I not pay attention to my own safety? I’m not that kind of weak young lady who can only just hide behind a man’s back to be protected. It’s just two Snowfield Great Wolves, I know that I can handle them which is why I struck out! If there were five to six of those Great Wolves around, of course I will run!”

When Li Moying heard her say that, his complexion turned slightly better but he still stared at her, “You should also run even if there’s two!”

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but rolled her eyes at him, “Can’t be bothered to talk to you, simply forcing others to a corner! If I really hide behind you all the time, sooner or later I’d become a waste! Moreover speaking, Meng Wan’er is considered as an important chess piece of ours so if we can let her stay alive, of course it will be better to let her stay alive, anyway killing these two Great Wolves is just a small matter….”

Speaking of this, she suddenly realised that she hadn’t seen Meng Wan’er for quite a while as she couldn’t help but was stunned momentarily.

“Strange, where did that Meng Wan’er go to? Has she run off to somewhere to hide?”

Just as she was puzzled, she suddenly heard a miserable faint cry emitting from the back of a block of ice mountain.

“Help! Help! Someone come save me quickly! Ah—! So painful!”

This miserable cry obviously belonged to Meng Wan’er’s voice.

Those present all exchanged glances as they were rather astonished.

Li Moying frowned as he said, “Po Jun, go bring her back!”

Cang Po Jun nodded his head and with a point of his toes, he ran towards the direction where the miserable cries were coming from.

A series of fighting sounds, combined with Great Wolves cries were heard,

Not too long later, Cang Po Jun returned back as he carried the unconscious Meng Wan’er in his hands.