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Chapter 2287: That’s it, we’re done for (3)

She turned her head around and said, “We’re about to enter the most dangerous part of the freezing zone and these ice mountains are very good obstacles and they are beneficial for various magical beasts to hide and seeking food, so there are a lot of magical beasts around this zone and their levels aren’t very low so if you’re not careful, you might just meet with a sneak attack…”

Before Meng Wan’er had finished talking, she saw Huang Yueli opening her mouth, wanting to speak.

She immediately frowned, “I haven’t finished my words, don’t interrupt!”

Huang Yueli merely pursed her lips as she swallowed back the words that she wanted to say.

Meng Wan’er felt extremely delighted when she saw her being beaten. In this period of time, when had she not been suppressed by Huang Yueli? Every single time she challenged Huang Yueli, the one who was disadvantaged was always her!

It was so difficult to make Huang Yueli fall in front of her hence Meng Wan’er’s face was filled with an unconcealable delighted smile.

“This is correct, since you’ve asked me to be your guide then you should respect me…. Ahhhh! Ah—!!”

Meng Wan’er was speaking halfway when she suddenly felt a wave of powerful Profound Energy attacking from her back and her heart jumped but it was already too late to evade!

A thick stench of blood filled the air and Meng Wan’er’s arm emitted a tearing pain. She turned her head back while enduring the pain and was frightened out of her wits!

Behind her was a high levelled huge sinister magical beast, dissipating a horrendous aura as the huge beast opened its mouth wide and the sharp fangs was biting on to her arm, as it wanted to drag her behind the ice mountains.

Meng Wan’er cried out sharply, “Help! Save me! Quickly save me, save me!”

However, her cries reverberated above the empty skies above the ice land and the multiple layers of reflux was magnified which instantly caused resonance. The ice mountain immediately followed with waves of echo and the layers of snow on the group of mountains all started to slide down.

Huang Yueli’s expression changed as she growled in a low voice, “Shut up! If you continue shouting like this, it will cause an avalanche!”

But Meng Wan’er was thoroughly scared stiff as she totally wasn’t in the right mind to think so much, only crying out for help with all that she got.

Her cries agitated the Snowfield Great Wolf which was still biting her and the fangs of the Great Wolf pierced deeper into her arm, as it dragged her along with more force.

Meng Wan’er felt that her arm was about to be ripped off there and then.

On seeing that the situation was getting out of control, Cang Po Jun immediately struck out as a burst of severe Profound Energy shot out and struck the Snowfield Great Wolf right on its throat.

Great Wolf felt pain and loosened its grip on Meng Wan’er’s arm, and gave off a sharp howl towards the sky!

Cang Po Jun’s brows ceased as his long sword unsheathed and he swiftly added another slash! It split the Snowfield Great Wolf right into two halves!

With a few “plopping” sounds, fresh blood scattered over the icy ground and the Snowfield Great Wolf’s internal organs splattered all over the ground which looked rather gross.

Huang Yueli covered her nose and walked over, as she looked at the Meng Wan’er who laid limp on the ground.

“Young Miss Meng, you… are you alright? Is your arm broken? Tsk tsk, earlier that Great Wolf is simply too savage. It even wanted to devour a lady who is as delicate as a flower and refined as a precious jade like you!”

Meng Wan’er almost fainted out of shock and even after the Snowfield Great Wolf was killed by Cang Po Jun, she still hadn’t recollected her senses.

After some time, she slowly settled down and the minute she opened her eyes, she saw Huang Yueli’s pure and exceptionally beautiful face.

It was now when Meng Wan’er recalled the scenario earlier as she instantly became upset!

“You… you did it intentionally! Earlier you had obviously seen the Snowfield Great Wolf, why didn’t you remind me?”