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Chapter 2286: That’s it, we’re done for (2)

Meng Wan’er’s words had not finished when they heard a dull “thud”.

Everyone was shocked as they hurriedly turned their heads over to look.

They saw Cang Po Hun’s body slanting and almost fell but luckily Cang Po Jun was just beside him as he managed to tug onto him in time, pulling him back.

But the ice surface which he had stepped on earlier had a big gaping hole as the shattered ice piece fell down.

The ice hole seemed very deep and after sometime later, they heard the ice pieces dropping into the water and following that came chaotic movement sounds as though there was some living thing beneath howling.

Even though Cang Po Hun’s ability was overbearing, he could not help but break out in cold sweat.

He carefully rejoined the group and stuck his head out towards the ice hold to take a look, “This… what situation is this? What’s below? Magical beasts?”

When Meng Wan’er heard that, she lifted her chin with an intent to show off in order to elevate her own status within the group.

“About this…. ordinary practitioners definitely don’t know the situation below and only disciples like us from Ice Serpent Valley who had been residing here would know… so if you don’t listen to my instructions clearly, there might be danger…”

She was immensely proud of herself but before she could finish, she was interrupted by Huang Yueli.

“Guardian Jun, be a little more careful and catch up with us will do. There are many ice layers here which are not secure hence we need a guide. As for the movement beneath the ice, it indeed is a magical beast. Just like the Dark Moon Forest, Northern Ice Fields is actually a gathering zone for magical beasts but they are mostly aquatic magical beasts. These magical beasts are the same as those on land, with various different levels and usually those which jumps out of the water aren’t too high level but high levelled magical beasts above seventh levelled mostly reside in the depths of the deep sea, and won’t easily show themselves.”

When Cang Po Jun heard Huang Yueli’s words, he seemed as though he had learnt something new, “So that’s the case, many thanks Gra…. Master Bai for your pointers!”

As Meng Wan’er was around, Li Moying had warned everyone that they must take note of the greeting they used to address Huang Yueli, and not to reveal her past life’s identity.

Meng Wan’er originally wanted to show off but the limelight was snatched away by Huang Yueli as she was instantly so furious that her teeth were itching, as she stood on the spot and looked at Huang Yueli furiously.

Huang Yueli seemed as though she didn’t notice her vengeful thoughts as she urged with a beaming smile, “Young Miss Meng, why have you stopped? Not going on? We have to catch hold of time tightly and before the day darkens, we have to set up in a slightly smaller place with lesser snow and wind to camp for the night. Otherwise taking a night trip in the freezing zone is very dangerous!”

Of course Meng Wan’er understood this logic clearly so out of no choice, she could only coerce herself to get up as she continued to lead the way.

“Everyone must follow rightly and don’t just drop out of the group casually. And when I’m speaking, don’t interrupt, just who is the leader?”

This sentence was obviously targeted towards Huagn Yeuli and when Li Moying heard that, his brows creased slightly.

However, Huang Yueli held on to his shirt in time and shook her head at him, hence he didn’t say a single word.

The group of people also realised just how dangerous the freezing zone was as they all became extra cautious while following Meng Wan’er tightly, with no one dropping out of the group.

After they walked a distance towards the front, the snowstorm started to subside slightly.

But in front of everyone’s eyes appeared blocks of tall ice mountains and these ice mountains’ height was extremely astonishing, as some seemed to shoot right into the clouds, which was even more majestic than a genuine mountain peak.

Meng Wan’er’s footsteps halted.