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Chapter 2288: That’s it, we’re done for (4)

Meng Wan’er gritted her teeth towards Huang Yueli as she questioned her!

Huang Yueli blinked her watery big eyes as her expression revealed unspeakable innocence.

“This…. I’m not the one who comes in and out, the experienced one in the freezing zone so how would I know? You didn’t tell me anyway? Moreover speaking, you were the one who warned me earlier not to interrupt when you’re speaking, I…. I was only afraid that you’d be angry….. ”

Meng Wan’er’s eyes rolled over when she heard these words, almost fainting!

That was right, it was indeed her earlier who had asked Huang Yueli not to talk, and also her who told Huang Yueli that she was the professional one, asking her not to make her own decisions!

But that Snowfield Great Wolf earlier was obviously a magical beast which was seventh tier and above. Such a savage and vicious look, even for those who had never been into the Northern Ice Fields, those with slight common knowledge would all know that this was an extremely dangerous magical beast and its attack was very powerful and very dangerous?

Huang Yueli actually claimed that she didn’t know, and even blamed her for not saying this!

Meng Wan’er berated Huang Yueli multiple times in her heart but yet couldn’t find any reason to blame her.

After all, every word that Huang Yueli said was justified and it was Meng Wan’er who interrupted her warning earlier, asking her not to speak!

This could only be described as getting what she deserved!

Just as Meng Wan’er was about to faint from fury, suddenly Li Moying’s expression changed as he stretched out his hand and locked onto Huang Yueli’s wrist, pulling her behind him.

“Damn it, the howl which that Snowfield Great Wolf cried out earlier before it died, had recruited quite a number of its companions! Li’er, you have to be more careful!”

When Meng Wan’er heard that, she couldn’t care about the pain coming from her body as she flusteredly turned back and took a look.

She could only distinctly see a few Snowfield Great Wolves hiding behind the few blocks of ice mountains, spying at them furtively.

These Snowfield Great Wolves all had green eyeballs and all of them looked especially shadowy and mysterious. When so many pairs of eyes all looked over at the same time, one just couldn’t help but feel their hair stand.

Meng Wan’er got up from the ground and dashed into the group, as she spoke with a quivering voice, “These….. These Great Wolves, definitely… definitely are called over by that one earlier! Because… because we have a lot of people here so these Great Wolves definitely feel that they can have a full meal. That’s it, we’re done for! On the Northern Ice Fields, what we worry most about are these Snowfield Great Wolves. If it’s just one or two, it’s fine but if the situation turns out like this now, there will definitely be more which gathers around…. We will definitely lose out lives here!”

Meng Wan’er broke out in cold sweat and her heart was feeling ever so regretful on why she didn’t let Huang Yueli speak out earlier!

But now, it was just too late to say anything!

The large number of Snowfield Great Wolves definitely was the ultimate nightmare of any practitioner who was undergoing experience learning in the Northern Ice Fields!

Seventh tiered magical beast, one was already extremely hard to deal with, moreover for ten over of them!

Meng Wan’er’s body shrunk backwards even more as she kept on thinking of how to escape for her life later on!

She already believed that when the Snowfield Great Wolves attacked, these ninth stage realm top exponents would definitely retaliate in order to defend themselves and by then, she would have already prepared herself to find a crack and slip away quickly, escaping for her life!

No matter what, preserving her own life was the most important matter so she couldn’t care about the mission which the ghost mask man had entrusted.

To the extent that when she thought about the possibility that she might die, she already abandoned the Male God of her dreams behind as well.

Whether Li Moying died or not, it had nothing to do with her. All it mattered was that she would still be alive!