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Chapter 2285: That’s it, we’re done for (1)

“If this really is the case, then we’d be in deep trouble! The ghost masked man is actually so sinister, to actually plant a spy among us?”

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “Will everyone please calm down first. Some people resort to using some methods, they are mostly afraid that they would be schemed against or being stabbed behind our backs so it’s impossible to defend effectively against it. But now, knowing that the spy is Meng Wan’er, we will just beat them at their own game so as long as we keep a tight surveillance on Meng Wan’er’s movements, then we will be able to know what the other party’s motive is, so isn’t this a good thing instead?”

“So, that’s why I agreed for Meng Wan’er to stay, otherwise the ghost masked man will probably try to think of other ways to deal with us. Rather than guessing what schemes the other party will think of, we might as well just let Meng Wan’er stay behind!”

Hearing her explanation, the crowd was then enlightened.

Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Hun were both filled with admiration towards her, “Grandmaster Huang is indeed incomparable resourceful and intelligent, This Subordinate admires you very much!”

Liu Buyan was full of praise, “Little Junior Sister, you’re so scheming! No wonder those people who were sold always keep counting money for you!”

Li Moying drew his arm tightly as he brought his little fox into his arms while his face was showing off a smug look.

His little fox, of course, was clever and quick-witted and resourceful!

Everything was prepared and the group officially set off.

This time, Li Moying didn’t even bring Mo Yi and the others along. Instead he made them return to Snow Cloud Sky Ship as a backup.

Huang Yueli instructed them to wait by the border of the freezing zone and when they received the news, if necessary, they would drive the Snow Cloud Sky Ship over to support them.

The freezing zone in Northern Ice Fields was extremely dangerous and moreover, they were facing a top exponent like the ghost masked man.

In the fight among this kind of high levelled practitioners, Mo Yi and the rest who were only in the eighth stage realm were merely cannon ash so they wouldn’t be able to help much even if they went over, instead they might just even die for nothing.

So the group this time had decreased to six people.

Huang Yueli and Li Moying, plus Liu Buyan and the other two guardians and lastly, the ill-intentioned Meng Wan’er.

In the start, Meng Wan’er had acted in a moment of rashness just because she was brainwashed by the ghost masked man hence she dared to kneel down in front of Huang Yueli, using various methods to join their team.

But when they really started off on the journey, her rationality slowly returned and her heart felt as though it was drumming.

In the group, all of them were top rated peerless exponents and even Huang Yueli who had the weakest ability could also use one finger to crush her to death!

Moreover, the group of people travelled light and were taking risks in a dangerous place like the freezing zone, so finding a chance to seduce Li Moying was impossible.

Now, the only chance was to follow the ghost masked man’s instructions that he had told her earlier, to first lead them to…. that place…

The freezing zone was Northern Ice Field’s coldest region and all year long, the snow would not melt. Especially during winter, there would be consecutive snowstorms, practically without any moment of clearing up at all.

Meng Wan’er was the guide so she had been walking at the front of the group, and was responsible for leading the way.

“So everyone must keep up with my pace, the best would be every single step to land on where I had walked on and you must absolutely not divert away! To tell you the truth, the bottom of the freezing zone is actually an ocean and because it’s too cold, hence a thick layer of ice formed on the surface which is why it feels like stepping on land. But not every place is as solid as it looks like and you might just land onto empty land and fall beneath the layer of ice…”