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Chapter 2279: A couple that makes others envious (5)

Meng Hongye was stunned but she shook her head once again.

“Young Miss Bai, you’re too courteous. Since I’ve already given this Claret Crystal Bracelet out, I will not ask you to return it!”

Meng Hongye took another look at the Claret Crystal Bracelet once more and said, “Actually, our ancestors had once left a prophecy that this Claret Crystal Bracelet originally wasn’t Ice Serpent Valley’s possession and we were merely helping someone safekeep it. There will be a day when the fated person comes along to retrieve this bracelet.”

“In the past, I thought this was merely a rumour which had been passed down from the ancient times but now on seeing you all appearing, and you have successfully restored the ancient mechanism, I cannot help but admit that this prophecy is real. You…. should be the fated person which the prophecy was talking about!”

Meng Hongye turned towards Huang Yueli once again as her gaze was fixed attentively on her, “I’ll gift you this Claret Crystal Bracelet but will Young Miss Bai please promise me that In future you must safeguard this string of hand beads with you, and unless it’s a matter of life and death, otherwise you should not casually dispose of it.”

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes and said, “Valley Master Meng, there’s something that you don’t know. Actually it’s because of my fiancée which is why I tried to find means and ways to obtain the Claret Crystal Bracelet.”

As Huang Yueli was saying that, she picked up the bracelet which was radiating with red light while the other hand pulled Li Moying’s palm, as she personally wore it on her wrist.

The deep red crystal, against Li Moying’s jade white skin, looked especially enticing.

Huang Yueli pulled his large hand and admired it for some time as she smiled sweetly, “Moying, it indeed looks better on you when you wear it! This bracelet is done so thickly, obviously it’s made for a man and if I wear it, it would definitely keep falling off.”

Li Moying opened his palm and held Huang Yueli’s little hand instead as his heart felt a stir of emotions, “Thank you Li’er.”

Liu Buyan’s arms were crossed around his chest and watching by the side as his heart was crying out.

Tsk tsk, his little Junior Sister treated the man who she liked to well! He really envied Li Moying that lucky fellow, just how much incense had he burnt in his past life!

He mocked in a sourish voice softly, “Isn’t it men who usually gave women jewellery? How come it is the opposite for our Young Sect Master Li? Surely Blue Profound Sect isn’t too poor until it’s pushed to such a state right? To actually start living off women!”

He intentionally made sure Li Moying heard that, assuming that he would feel embarrassed but in the end, he had not expected that Li Moying actually lifted his wrist, intentionally showing off that he had received the bracelet as his lips curled up delightfully.

“Why? You envious? It takes ability to live off women and if you have the ability, you can go ahead and do that too? But rich woman like my Li’er here isn’t too commonly seen so you aren’t able to find someone richer than her!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, her lips couldn’t help but twitched as she poked Li Moying hard around his waist, “What gibberish are you sprouting!! Don’t keep bickering with my Senior Brother, Valley Master Meng is still waiting for your reply!”

Li Moying felt pain and gave Huang Yueli an aggrieved look, before she turned towards Meng Hongye.

He cupped his fists in greeting towards Meng Hongye and used a rare modest tone, “Valley Master Meng, please be assured. I know the significance that this string of Claret Crystal Bracelet has towards Ice Serpent Valley and will absolutely not dispose of it casually. This string of bracelet will always follow me, in my cultivation and battles. After all, it is not just a piece of half god relic, but also something that my Li’er had expended a huge amount of effort to give me.”

Saying that, he exchanged an intimate gaze with Huang Yueli.