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Chapter 2280: A couple that makes others envious (6)

Meng Hongye went into a daze as she somehow couldn’t help but felt a little envious.

Who could possibly not be envious of this young couple who had excellent talents and were also so much deeply in love?

In the pursuit to the peak of cultivation, it was originally an extremely lonely journey.

If one was able to find someone who they could mutually trust, someone who had equivalent innate talent and were able to become lifelong partners, and that to all the practitioners was something which they might hope to meet with, but wasn’t able to wish for.

Moreover, this young couple, one was extremely handsome and the other gorgeous as both of them were the dragon and phoenix among common people.

When Meng Hongye looked at them, she nodded her head, “Alright, I’ll trust you two! Right, there’s one more thing and this is something that I’ve mentioned to you before. About finding a guide to accompany you all to Lone One Summit…”

Huang Yueli continued from where she left, “That’s right, Valley Master Meng, have you found any suitable candidates yet?”

Meng Hongye smiled, “Actually to tell the truth, in Ice Serpent Valley, the one who entered the freezing zone for the most number of times, is me myself but as I’m the Valley Master, I am unable to leave this place easily so I am not able to accompany you guys there. But my disciple Wan’er had been following me since young on experience learning and among the younger generation, she is absolutely one of the top experts and she knows the situation in the freezing zone especially well. If you don’t mind, then please let Wan’er accompany you guys there!”

Her voice just ended and Meng Wan’er’s figure stepped out from the screen.

Huang Yueli and the others were all stunned, as they looked at Meng Wan’er in astonishment.

Before Huang Yueli could even say a word, Liu Buyan already frowned, “This… isn’t too good right? Isn’t there anyone else in your Ice Serpent Valley? Must it be this immorale young lass?”

His words were put across extremely impolitely and Huang Yueli felt a little disgraced as she hurriedly casted him a gaze.

Liu Buyan shrugged his shoulders and took a step back as he passed the right of speech back to Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli cupped her fists and said, “Valley Master Meng, can we trouble you to change another guide? This Young Lady Meng… although she is your valued disciple, but we are heading towards Lone One Summit this time and it is actually extremely dangerous. Her cultivation isn’t very high and moreover she even suffered serious injury a couple of days ago. Now we aren’t sure how much she had recovered so why let her take the risk, to accompany us to the freezing zone?”

Her words were put across more politely and had taken Meng Hongye’s face into consideration but her attitude appeared rather firm.

Meng Hongye waved her hands as she said, “I know your misgivings and I’m also worried that her ability wasn’t enough and she might just drag you guys down. But this time, it is Wan’er who insisted and begged me, saying that she wished to head over with all of you. She also told me that previously there were some misunderstandings with Young Miss Bai and she feels extremely sorry over it and she’s sincere in apologizing to you this time, hoping that she will be able to help you!”

Huang Yueli frowned as she rejected, “This… I appreciate her kind intentions. Young Miss Meng got seriously injured, part of the reason was due to my negligence so let’s not mention this anymore. But I still feel that we need someone with higher ability…”

Before she could finish her words, Meng Wan’er already dashed right straight in front of her.

Her eyes were brimming with tears with a pale face, as she put on an extremely regretful look while her face lowered and she spoke out ashamedly, “Young Miss Bai, please don’t say anymore, I know you’re still angry with me! That day at the entrance of the Ice Serpent Valley, I’m the one who had no eyes and had offended you, I sincerely apologize to you!”

Huang Yueli looked at her stance and the alarms in her heart were ringing loudly.