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Chapter 2278: A couple that makes others envious (4)

Meng Wan’er finally didn’t hesitate, “Alright, I… will cooperate with you!”

Ghost mask man’s lips curled into a strange smile, but was covered up by the malicious spirit mask so Meng Wan’er totally hadn’t noticed it at all.

“Very good, next, let me explain my plan to you…”

His plan, was not just to claim Huang Yueli’s life, but… he wanted Li Moying’s life even more!

But there was no need to tell this foolish woman about this point.

After Huang Yueli restored the ancient mechanism, she stayed in Ice Serpent Valley for another three days.

The main reason was because Liu Buyan, Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Hun had exhausted too much Profound Energy while in the spirit gathering array.

Even though their foundations were firm and they had outstanding ability, and moreover Liu Buyan even used high grade medicinal pills to replenish their Profound Energy, but considering the fact that they would be heading towards Lone Sky Summit, they would definitely meet with immense dangers as they would be required to face strong opponents anytime and anywhere.

By then, if there was a little bit of problem with their abilities, it might just be the deciding factor to life and death.

For safety sake, Huang Yueli decided to stay in Ice Serpent Valley to adjust for a few more days and wait for Liu Buyan and the others to recover their abilities back to their peak state before they entered the freezing zone.

Three days passed, Huang Yueli and the others all packed their luggage and bade farewell to Meng Hongye.

Meng Hongye retrieved a small exquisite nine turn silk thread box out preciously, as she caressed it with reluctance for a while and passed it to Huang Yueli.

“Young Miss Bai, this nine turn silk thread box contains the Claret Crystal Bracelet that you wanted. You are an Armament Master so this kind of mechanism box to you, should be able to easily open, right?”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and her ten fingers brushed past the four corners of the silk thread box, as she swiftly changed a few hand gestures.

A “click clack” sound rang and the box lid bounced open from the top, as it revealed a string of hand beads in the box.

This string of hand beads was strung together with a kind of half transparent crystals and the internal parts of every single crystal were emitting a deep red fog-like pattern and looking at it from different angles, the pattern would be ever changing.

Huang Yueli picked up the string of hand beads and looked at it against the sun.

Every single claret crystal bead reflected against the sun, as it gave off a red coloured glow, the lights were radiating brilliantly and it looked a little mysterious and a little gorgeous.

She used her Profound Energy to sense it and following that, she nodded her head satisfactorily.

“That’s right, this string of Claret Crystal Bracelet had especially good lustre, indeed a half god relic which had been passed down since the ancient times! Valley Master Meng, we really are very grateful to you!” She spoke this out from the bottom of her heart.

Although she used the restoration of the mechanism as a condition, using it as an exchange with Valley Master Meng to obtain the Claret Crystal Bracelet, but this bracelet was simply too important to her and Li Moying and it was simply too useful so if Meng Hongye simply refused to hand it over, it would be very troubling for her.

Meng Hongye shook her head and said, “No need to stand on ceremony. If anyone should say thank you, it should be all of us from Ice Serpent Valley, we should be grateful to Young Miss Bai instead!”

Saying that, she paused for a moment and was still not assured as she added, “Young Miss Bai, this Claret Crystal Bracelet… is after all been passed down for many generations in Ice Serpent Valley and it’s considered as one of the little links that we have with our ancestors, I hope you will take good care of it in future.”

On seeing her so reluctant to part with it, Huang Yueli immediately said, “Valley Master Meng, you don’t need to be like this. It is because of some special reason why I need to borrow this Claret Crystal Bracelet for a while. When we leave the Northern Ice Fields, we will return it back to you!”