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Chapter 2275: A couple that makes others envious (1)

Not only did it hurt throughout the entire day, it was even more painful at night until she couldn’t sleep.

Although Ice Serpent Valley’s disciples all comforted her that she only needed to endure past these few days and her body would recover as per normal with little damage to her cultivation but Meng Wan’er still felt as though her heart was being carved by a knife, as the hatred towards Huang Yueli was churning!

Meng Wan’er totally didn’t reflect on herself that it was her own jealousy towards Huang Yueli that made her rush upwards to test the mechanism, and moreover she didn’t listen to Huang Yueli’s warning hence she suffered such a serious injury.

Nor was she feeling grateful to Huang Yueli for pleading on behalf, for Liu Buyan to help save her.

Meng Wan’er only felt that she was Ice Serpent Valley’s core disciple and this time round, she had thrown away all her face!

And all these, were all because of that little slut from Sky Emperor City!

If it wasn’t for that wretched lass, how would she possibly be embarrassed and how would she get hurt?

If it wasn’t because of her, perhaps… that godly handsome man would already be attracted to her, and become a couple with her!

Meng Wan’er cursed Huang Yueli countless times in her heart and on hearing that Huang Yueli was going to restore the ancient mechanism, she originally thought that Huang Yueli would be embarrassed big time today! That was an ancient mechanism, just how many ninth ranked Armament Masters were totally helpless in front of that mechanism, who did that wretched lass think she was?

However, the news that came later made Meng Wan’er suffer another blow to her head, as she almost threw up blood once again.

That wretched lass actually…. actually really succeeded!

“How was this possible, how could this be possible? She’s just sixteen to seventeen years old, could it be that she’s much more incredible than a ninth ranked Armament Master?? Impossible, there is definitely a problem in this, she must be cheating my Master!”

Meng Wan’er’s heart burned like it caught flames and adding on to the pain on her body, she laid in bed till midnight but still didn’t feel sleepy at all.

Just at this moment, she suddenly heard a slight noise coming from her window ledge.

Following that, she felt her eyes blurring and a tall black figure stood in front of her bed.


Meng Wan’er thought that she was still dreaming and after she took a detailed look, she immediately screamed out.

Because the man in front of her had a malicious spiritual mask on his face and the drawing of that mask was simply too scary, as though it was a devil who had climbed out from hell, as it immediately scared Meng Wan’er.

The ghost faced man silently frowned as he swiftly tabbed her mute acupoint and spoke with a sinisterly cold voice, “Shut up!”

Meng Wan’er trembled, not daring to make a sound.

The ghost masked man warned, “If you make This Seat hear your ghastly cries again… This Seat will twist your neck off, do you understand me?”

On the first moment when the ghost masked man entered the room, Meng Wan’er already sensed that no matter if this male was a man or ghost, he was so powerful that it made one suffocate, and he was even much more powerful than her Master Meng Hongye!

In front of this peerless top exponent, she naturally didn’t dare to be rash, as she nodded her head furiously in response.

The ghost masked man then released her acupoint and said, “A few days ago, a team of people who were mostly ninth stage realm top exponents and a seventh stage realm young girl entered Ice Serpent Valley, you should know who they are right?”

Meng Wan’er had not expected that this mysterious and horrifying ghost masked man would ask about Li Moying and the others matters the minute he opened his mouth, as her heart jolted.

However, facing the ghost masked man’s sinister gaze, she didn’t dare to lie as she hurriedly answered, “Yes, yes it is like this…”