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Chapter 2274: Little fox, still bite me (4)

The reflection of the man in the mirror had a clean cut handsome face which was so perfectly refreshing as though it was the works from heaven, totally unable to find any flaws at all.

But right now, his nose had a red mark and one could even see Huang Yueli’s meticulous teeth marks on it.

“Little fox, still bite me!” Li Moying rubbed his nose.

Behind the screen came splashing and sploshing water sounds, apparently Huang Yueli was already bathing.

After a short while, the sound of water stopped and Li Moying had been staring at the screen, waiting for his little fox to come out.

However, after a very long time, it was still quiet inside.

He frowned and lifted his lanky legs, as he took quick steps towards the back of the screen.

In the bathtub, the slender young lady leaned against the side of the bathtub and her head was slanted to one side, while her eyes were shut tightly, evidently she was fast asleep.

Li Moying’s vision totally uncontrollably moved down her fair neck, all the way downwards….

Huang Yueli’s skin was white and delicate, as though the finest quality of porcelain without any flaws. Even if he just looked like this ,Li Moying could recollect in his mind, the perfect feeling when he laid his hands against that fair tender skin…

He swept past Huang Yueli’s delicate collarbone, round shoulders, and also…..

Luckily, the part below was submerged in water and Huang Yueli’s towel was still floating on the surface of the water, blocking off Li Moying’s line of sight.

Li Moying clenched his fists, as he tried his best to convince himself to stay calm.

His little fox was tired out for the past two days, so tired that she even fell asleep while bathing and if he awoke this young lass, it would be too inhumane and moreover, his little fox would fly into a rage…

Li Moying cooled down for several breaths and suddenly drew out the bathrobe which was handing on the rack, then without even daring to take a look, he just wrapped it around Huang Yueli’s body casually.

Following that, he carried her horizontally as he swiftly wiped the water off her body and hair carelessly.

After that, he stuffed Huang Yueli into the blanket.

Huang Yueli totally didn’t realise just how much of an inconvenience she had caused for her fiancée.

She slept with a blissful expression, especially after she laid on the bed, she gave an especially sweet smile as her little head rubbed against the pillow and not too long later, she entered dreamland.

On seeing her sleeping soundly, Li Moying then heaved a long sigh.

He pulled the blanket just below Huang Yueli’s chin and helped her cover up properly before he turned around to leave the room.

He felt that, he needed a cold shower very much! No, ice cold shower!

Luckily, in a place like Ice Serpent Valley, ice water should be readily available everywhere!

In the deep night, in another room in Ice Serpent Valley.

Meng Wan’er moaned as she turned around, but she still felt her entire body in pain as she just couldn’t sleep somehow.

Yesterday after being rebounded by the ninth grade array, she was equivalent to having suffered multiple times of accumulated full force Profound Energy. At that time, almost half of the bones in her body were fractured and her meridians had suffered serious injury.

Although at that time, Huang Yueli made Liu Buyan treat her injuries, reconnecting all her meridians and bones.

But even if she had taken the seventh grade medicinal pills that Liu Buyan left behind, if she wanted her bones to all grow back, it would require several days’ time.

Moreover, it was extremely painful to take the Flesh Growing Bone Replenishment Pill because the medicinal effects were just too strong to be taken in such a short duration of time.

These two days, Meng Wan’er had been tormented day and night by the pain that was emitted from the insides of her bones.