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Chapter 2276: A couple that makes others envious (2)

The ghost masked man asked again, “They stayed in Ice Serpent Valley for several days and what have they been up to these days?”

Meng Wan’er naturally wouldn’t conceal the facts as she immediately spilled out the beans that Huang Yueli had been spending the past two consecutive days on restoring the two great mechanisms.

When the ghost masked man heard that, he didn’t say a single word.

Even though his face was covered by the malicious spiritual mask, but Meng Wan’er was still able to sense the penetrative aura which was emitted from the other party.

She didn’t dare to move, as she tried her best to suppress the fear in her heart, waiting for the ghost masked man’s response.

After a while later, the ghost masked man then gave off a hoarse laugh, “Ha ha ha ha ha that’s interesting. Even able to restore a god grade mechanism, is it even possible to conceal the fact of who you are? Did you really think that no one under this heavens knows… that matter… looks like This Seat indeed didn’t guess properly!”

Meng Wan’er heard his ghostly laugh as she was extremely terrified, and couldn’t help but keep shaking.

The ghost masked man took a look at her as his laughing came to an abrupt stop.

“You’re called Meng Wan’er?”

Meng Wan’er nodded her head, “Yes, I am… I am Meng Wan’er.”

The ghost masked man’s voice turned even deeper as it carried a sense of temptation and coaxing, “That Li Moying is truly a peerless handsome male. That kind of looks, that kind of ability and that kind power! The woman who can get married to this kind of man, would surely be the most fortunate woman under this heavens, isn’t that… true?”

Every single word from ghost masked man poked right into Meng Wan’er’s secret fantasy.

Meng Wan’er was like a cat whose tail had been trodden on as she always leapt up from bed but luckily she met with the ghost masked man’s cold and harsh gaze and instantly reacted in time as she shrunk back onto the bed.

“This… ughh, this…. Senior, what on earth are you saying, I… how come I am unable to understand it at all?”

“Can’t understand?” He gave a cold scoff as his tone turned even colder, “Do you need This Seat to make things even clearer? That day when Li Moying and the others came to the entrance of Ice Serpent Valley, This Seat’s man was just following behind them and that kind of gaze that you gave off when you saw Li Moying for the first time, This Seat had seen just too many times! The number of women who fall in love with that young lad at first sight, you’re not the first, and absolutely not the last! Moreover, isn’t Bai Ruoli someone who likes to create trouble, she caused you to turn out in such a miserable state… you definitely have offended her right? Want to let her make a fool out of herself, and snatch Li Moying from her hands?”

The ghost masked man was even more direct this time round, totally not giving Meng Wan’er any place to hide, as he spoke out the truth, which she was trying her best to hide, clearly in just a few words!

Meng Wan’er’s complexion instantly turned pale like paper as her entire blood stream seemed to have coagulated.

What the ghost masked man said was right, she totally didn’t even have any place to rebuke!

Only thing was, she totally could not understand why the ghost masked man knew these so clearly and moreover, what was he trying to attain by telling her all these?

Just as Meng Wan’er was apprehensive, he opened his mouth once again.

“Then you… now… do you still want to get that man?”

Meng Wan’er was stunned, apparently she hadn’t imagined that when that ghost masked man opened his mouth, it was actually to ask this kind of question.

She opened her mouth and spoke out in a low voice, “This… this shouldn’t be the question of whether I want or not right? He’s already…. already has such an incredible fiancée….”

He gave a cold laugh and said, “Such timid guts, you also dare to snatch Bai Ruoli’s man, no wonder you can only lie down here today!”