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Chapter 2273: Little fox, still bite me (3)

That look, was really very obedient.

Only thing was, she was still sprawled on the bed, totally not moving at all.

Li Moying looked at her lazy look amusingly, as he bent over to help her remove her shoes on her feet.

Huang Yueli felt someone tugging her shoes but she still didn’t move. She only stretched out her feet straight, allowing Li Moying to successfully remove it for her.

Li Moying placed her shoes under the bed and sat back on the side of the bed as he pinched her face, “Get up and bath! If you still don’t move, are you intending to let me help you bath?”

Huang Yueli flipped over lazily as she stretched both her hands, “Carry me over!”

Li Moying helplessly shook his head as he said, “Alright, I’ll help you move the bathtub into the room.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and shut her eyes and after a short nap, she felt her body become light as she was carried by someone.

The man’s robust and powerful arms carried her steadily, totally not swaying at all and after taking a few steps, she was placed inside the bathtub with her clothes on.

Huang Yueli still didn’t want to move and Li Moying looked at her lashes which hung down like a little fan, as he leaned closer to her and laughed softly, “Li’er, do you need me to take your clothes off?”

“Take…. Take clothes off…..” Huang Yueli mumbled softly.

“Hmm?” Li Moying looked at her dazed look as the flame in his heart seemed to shoot up in a second, into his brain.

His hand uncontrollably climbed onto Huang Yueli’s chest, as he swiftly released the two top buckles on her collar.

His scorching hot fingers brushed past the young lady’s fair slender long neck and was prepared to move downwards…..

Suddenly, it was clasped on tightly by someone.

Not knowing when, Huang Yueli opened her eyes and gave a scoff, “You actually dare to sneak an attack on me! I’m about to bath now, you can leave now!”

Li Moying went into a blank and immediately lowered his head not knowing if he should laugh or cry, as he looked at the young lady inside the bathtub with a tsundere expression.

His lips curled upwards as he slowly revealed a nefarious smile, “Why? Earlier you still asked me to carry you, but now you’re already tearing down the bridge after crossing it? I’m not someone who you can summon when you wish to, and ask to leave when you don’t like… Li’er…”

Li Moying lowered his head as he laughed, and his voice was even mellower and sexy.

The distance between the two of them grew closer and closer.

Suddenly, before he could get closer to his beloved, Li Moying suddenly felt pain on the tip of his nose as he couldn’t help but cried out “ughh”.

Haung Yueli actually took the opportunity when his eyes were half closed, raising up her head as she bit his nose and moreover, his bite was relatively hard.

Li Moying covered his nose and he backed down, looking aggrievedly at his little fiancée, “Domestic violence again??”

Huang Yueli mumbled, “You’re the one who obviously has bad intentions in your mind, thinking to sneak an attack on This Grandmaster! Quickly get out, I want to bathe already. I’m so sleepy and I need a good sleep!”

Li Moying really had no temper towards this little fox of his. When she needed him she would resort to various coquetry and requests to be carried but when she didn’t need him, she would kick him aside. Just how many men would be as pathetic as he was? Sigh, he really owed her!

Li Moying took a deep breath as he suppressed the heat in his body and taking up a towel from the rack, he threw it towards Huang Yueli.

“Then you’d better wash yourself cleanly, I’ll wait for you in bed.”

Huang Yueli hugged the snowy white towel but when she heard his words, she almost exploded once again.

What’s called “wait for her in bed”? This man was really sickening, why did he need to say the words in such an ambiguous way! He did it on purpose!

Li Moying retreated to the other side of the screen and looked at his reflection against the bronze mirror.