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Chapter 2271: Little fox, still bite me (1)

It was another intense round of tremor.

When it finally ended, everyone saw that all the houses in the entire Ice Serpent Valley were instantly enveloped with a layer of faint light and under the surrounding crystal clear ice, one would think that they were in a fairyland when they looked out.

Even Huang Yueli couldn’t help as she pushed Li Moying aside, running to the end of the room as she sprawled and looked outside the window, her mouth still gasping in surprise.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful, it’s really too beautiful! Moying, Moying, come over and take a look!”

Li Moying looked at her agitated look as he helplessly shook his head and walked over as he carried her up gently, “Sprawling on the ice is too cold and you’re wearing so little clothes, aren’t you afraid of catching a cold?”

Huang Yueli was in his arms as she excitedly held on to the neck while pointing to the faraway scenery, making him accompany her to enjoy it together.

“Moying, quickly take a look, isn’t it very beautiful??”

Li Moying totally didn’t notice any igloos or whatever beautiful scenery. His gaze had never left Huang Yueli’s dainty small face.

She rarely got so excited as her fair cheeks were flushed with a slight blush, her big watery eyes opened wide and her lips curled up to reveal a smile.

Li Moying’s adam’s apple slid up and down, and suddenly he felt his body turning slightly parched and fervent.

“Mn, very beautiful, indeed… very beautiful!”

Huang Yueli originally thought that he shared the same view as her and turned her head over beaming as she said, “I’ve decided! When my armament refining skills improve a little more and when the day comes when I attain the god grade, I also want to construct such a beautiful house! What do you think?”

Li Moying’s voice was a little hoarse, “Good, of course good, whatever you say is good…”

Huang Yueli then realised that Li Moying had always been keeping his eye on her, totally not looking at the snowy scenery.

She pouted, apparently not very happy, “Moying, you actually went into a trance! Are you listening to me talk or….. mmph!”

She was in the middle of speaking when that handsome countenance suddenly leaned near her and following that, her lips felt warmth.

“Mmmph—!!!” Huang Yueli was slightly embarrassed as she pushed his chest hard.

Li Moying didn’t intend to kiss deeply, just merely wanting to have a slight taste as he backed off after that.

Everyone present was already accustomed to this pair of young lovers’ intimate actions so they all self-warily turned their heads over.

Even so, Huang Yueli’s embarrassment still turned into anger as she stepped hard on Li Moying.

Li Moying seemed as though he didn’t feel anything as the expression on his face had not changed at all, calmly bringing his little fox into his arms, “The time isn’t young anymore and since the ancient mechanism is already restored, if there’s no problems, then we’d be heading back to rest. Li’er had expended a huge amount of energy for your esteemed valley and I have to make her eat and sleep well.”

As Li Moying was saying that, his gaze swept past the faint greenish black colour under Huang Yueli’s eyes, as he felt heartache.

When Cang Po Jun and the others heard that, they all replied in agreement, “That’s right, earlier having exhausted so much Profound Energy, This Subordinate also feels a little tired.”

Meng Hongye was still immersed in excitement and although among the ninth stage realm peak practitioners who had diminished the most amount of Profound Energy, but she was able to restore Ice Serpent Valley’s inherited ancient mechanisms for many generations and to her, this was simply a humongous surprise. In front of this joy, the tiredness in her body had completely been left behind in her mind.