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Chapter 2270: Restoring an ancient mechanism (6)

Meng Hongye laid limp on the ground as she panted heavily, her forehead filled with beads of cold perspiration.

It had been a long time since she had completely depleted her Profound Energy so completely. The other three men in the array were simply too powerful and she had already exhausted all her means but somehow she was still unable to follow up with their rhythm.

Luckily, it had finally ended…

Meng Hongye rested for quite a bit before she restored a little strength as she got up and lifted her head to take a look.

Earlier that awfully mighty spirit gathering array had stopped operating by now and all the array patterns had all started to turn faint.

Huang Yueli was just standing in the front of the apex, as she observed carefully.

Meng Hongye walked over and asked, “Young Miss Bai, how’s the current situation? Earlier so much Profound Energy had been absorbed, has it been completely restored?”

She really couldn’t tell from the surface, what was different with the ancient mechanism in front of her as in the past, because it still seemed to be the same as before, at most just having scrapped off a little bit of the dust which was stuck on the surface.

Huang Yueli turned around and gave a smile as she looked at her, “Valley Master Meng, congratulations. If I didn’t make any mistakes, this ancient mechanism should already have been restored to its original state!”

Meng Hongye went into a momentary blank and immediately cried out in joy, “Rea… Really? Is it really restored?”

As she was overly excited, she couldn’t even speak clearly.

Huang Yueli nodded her head as she continued, “You can now test it to check on the effect after the restoration.” Saying that, she took a few steps to the side, giving out the position next to the apex, so that Meng Hongye could step forward to operate it.

Meng Hongye took a few big steps to the front of the apex and took a deep breath. She was so agitated that her fingers were shaking.

She pacified her emotions and stretched out her hands as she held the handle, worked up her Profound Energy and pulled it heavily!

“Rumble— rumble—”

Just at the instance when the handle was pulled to the most bottom part, a wave of intense shaking was emitted from the bottom of the entire ice mountain.

The ground kept on shaking and the magnitude of the quake was so great that it made those high levelled practitioners in the room unable to stand firmly on the ground, as all of them all started to sway towards the left and right.

Li Moying stretched out his hand and pulled Huang Yueli, who almost fell onto the ground, into his arms, as one hand tightly locked onto her slender waist while the other hand was placed on the wall to support them.

Huang Yueli leaned against the man’s firm chest and both her hands wound found his strong waist as her face revealed an extremely elated expression. Her pair of beautiful big eyes kept roving around, as she kept an eye on the surroundings.

When the intense tremors stopped, what presented in front of them was an indescribable miraculous sight.

The ice mountain had separated towards two sides and the entire Ice Serpent Valley’s scenery was displayed in full right in front of them.

At this moment, a huge semi-circle shaped boundary had already risen up in the outer exterior of the Ice Serpent Valley, enveloping the entire valley in the centre.

This boundary was totally transparent and standing in the inner zone of the valley, they were able to see clearly that the rampaging wind and snowstorm in the Northern Ice Fields had not stopped, as the goose feather like snowflakes kept falling against the boundary but was rebounded back and none of it fell within the boundary’s inner zone.

Moreover, the bitter wind which kept revolving in Ice Serpent Valley had completely stopped by now.

The entire valley’s temperature seemed to have risen by quite a bit.

Meng Hongye was both astonished and joyous on seeing this as her eyes moistened and shakingly, she pulled down the other handle.