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Chapter 2272: Little fox, still bite me (2)

Meng Hongye finally reacted to Li Moying’s words as she spoke out hurriedly, “That’s right, Young Miss Bai, and these few Young Masters, we’re simply too grateful to you all for the past two days! I’ll now lead all of you over to rest.”

Huang Yueli’s eyes opened wide, “That, Valley Master Meng, about what I mentioned before…”

Meng Hongye immediately replied, “Young Miss Bai please be assured. You’ve helped us restore the ancient mechanism in Ice Serpent Valley and we are not able to reciprocate such a huge benevolence! Don’t worry, first thing tomorrow morning, I will personally deliver the Claret Crystal Bracelet over to you! As for the guide whom you need, I will also find a most experienced person who is extremely familiar with the freezing zone to accompany you in. These two days, please do stay in Ice Serpent Valley and have a good rest.”

Huang Yueli thought about it and nodded her head to agree.

Meng Hongye carefully shut down the mechanism and led Huang Yueli and the group out of the secret tunnel.

Li Moying loved his little fiancée dearly and carried her up horizontally, as he directly carried her back to the room.

After Meng Hongye brought them back to their rooms, she hastily wanted to inform the other people in Ice Serpent Valley about the good news that the ancient mechanism was resorted hence she didn’t stay for long as she immediately left after that.

Cang Po Jun and the others then revealed a tired look, as all of them laid limp on the chairs.

Actually, earlier when they were in the room of the mechanism’s axle, their exhaustion wasn’t small as well. Huang Yueli’s spirit gathering array was extremely effective so naturally, the effect of drawing out the Profoung Energy in their bodies was extremely high.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she had used hand gestures to control the array’s operation, it might not take a quarter of an hour before it was able to completely draw away the Profound Energy of the four ninth stage realm peak practitioners’ Profound Energy completely!

Cang Po Hun had still not recollected his senses by now, and after resting for a moment, he couldn’t help but asked, “Grandmaster Huang, you… you’re simply too incredible! You’re actually able to restore the mechanism which had been left behind from the ancient times and moreover, in such a short amount of time! Heavens, are you going to advance to a god grace Armament Master anytime soon?”

Huang Yueli laughed and told him whatever he had told Liu Buyan earlier.

It was at this point when the crowd was then enlightened.

Cang Po Jun couldn’t help but burst out laughing, “This really is…. Valley Master Meng had been schemed by Grandmaster Huang !”

Liu Buyan shook his head, “You can’t really put it in that way entirely? Earlier in the spirit gathering array, I had a feeling that this ancient mechanism’s state of aging is extremely serious and even if the energy was replenished, it is not possible to automatically be activated. If it wasn’t for Junior Sister who helped them to reactivate the engraved energy storage array by the side, it is hard to tell when this mechanism could be used again!”

Huang Yueli smiled, “What Senior Brother said is right, no matter what, I’ve helped them. Moreover speaking, we merely need the Claret Crystal Bracelet in the Northern Ice Fields and once we have obtained the Bipolar Black Orchid to refine the Purified Spirit Polymerize Pill, then we won’t require this bracelet anymore so by then, we can just send someone to return it back to them.”

Today, everyone had been exhausted greatly.

Hence after having their dinner, all of them headed back to their rooms to rest.

Huang Yueli basically fell into the big bed upon her return, not even taking off her shoes.

Li Moying followed behind her and gently caressed her head, “Li’er, Li’er? Do you want to take a bath?”

“Hmm? Eh? Bath…. I want to bath…..”

Huang Yueli mumbled but her body wasn’t moving at all, as though she was stuck onto the bed.

Li Moying sat next to her as he touched her chin. Li Moying was just like a little kitten which had its fur brushed, as she gave out a “mmph” sound.