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Chapter 2267: Restoring an ancient mechanism (3)

When Huang Yueli heard this, she frowned slightly, somehow feeling that something felt a little strange.

Clansmen? Shouldn’t she refer to them as disciples? Why did she use the word “clansmen”?

But she hadn’t had time to ponder over this carefully when she heard Meng Hongye continuing to say, “Look over here, during the ancient times, if some powerful enemies tried to invade Ice Serpent Valley, we will then press on this button right here…”

Meng Hongye gesticulated her hand on a portion which was similar to a hand picture.

“By then, the entire Ice Serpent Valley’s outer region would be enveloped by a boundary which was made out of a layer of Profound Qi and if we open that switch, then it would congeal powerful Profound Energy to fight against the enemy and shoot out an intense attack which was equivalent to a tenth stage realm practitioner’s full power strike!”

Cang Po Jun and the others all revealed a shocked expression which was also full of admiration.

“There’s actually such an incredible mechanism under this Heavens!”

“In the ancient times, God Clan’s people were indeed extremely powerful, just too bad that they weren’t able to leave behind enough inheritances….”

Meng Hongye roughly introduced the mechanism and shot her gaze towards Huang Yueli, “Young Miss Bai, now that you’ve already got an idea of the concrete circumstances, I’d like to find out your current thinking, how many percent certainty do you hold to restore the ancient mechanism?”

From the moment Huang Yueli entered the room, she had been observing the surrounding situation in detail, moreover she was deducing it seriously.

Hearing Meng Hongye’s words, she stopped her calculations and nodded her head towards Meng Hongye, “Before I came over, I was still a little worried. After all, I’ve not seen it with my own eyes and I’m worried that the situation might be different from what Palace Lord Huang recorded in her notebook. From the current looks of it, everything is almost the same as what I’ve imagined and if there’s no accidents, I should be able to restore it.”

Meng Hongye revealed a shocked and joyous expression, “Rea… Really? Young Miss Bai, if you’re really able to restore the ancient mechanism, then you will become Ice Serpent Valley’s saviour and in future no matter what happens, as long as you come to Ice Serpent Valley, you are our most distinguished guest! Moreover, if you meet with any difficulties, just let someone send a letter over and we’ll rush over immediately, trying our utmost best to assist you.”

Huang Yueli waved her hands as she said, “I don’t need all these returns, as long as you hand the Claret Crystal Bracelet to me and that will do.”

Meng Hongye immediately said, “That’s easy, as long as you can restore the ancient mechanism, these are all small matters.”

Huang Yueli slowly nodded her head as her gaze turned towards the apx of the mechanism once again, while she delved into deep thoughts.

“Restoring” the mechanism itself was just like what she told Liu Buyan earlier. There was actually not much difficulty in it because the mechanism itself was originally working.

But this didn’t meant that she would be able to complete this mission perfectly.

The most difficult thing was the surrounding of the mechanism was set up with a god grade energy storage array.

In her past life, the reason why she wasn’t able to restore the mechanism successfully was because she was dumbfounded by these arrays.

If she wanted to let Cang Po Jun and the others inject their Profound Energy to restart the mechanism once again, then she would definitely need to break these arrays.

But even for now, no matter if it was for her or Cang Po Yu, these arrays were just too complicated and actually they didn’t have the energy to completely decipher it. All they could do was to combine various guesses and calculations together to find a way which most probably could find a path to let the energy flow through.

There was a ninety percent possibility that this path was completely accurate.

But this was Cang Po Yu’s success rate in deciphering arrays.

Huang Yueli herself wasn’t apt in the mastery of array skills and under the situation without Cang Po Yu’s help, her certainty was only seventy percent.