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Chapter 2266: Restoring an ancient mechanism (2)

At this moment, these few people have already walked to the end of the paved pathway between the mountain.

Meng Hongye walked to a huge ice sculpted door and stopped.

“Alright, we’re here, the ancient mechanism’s apex is just behind this door. Will all of you please step back a little, I’m going to open the door.”

Hearing that, Li Moying immediately carried Huang Yueli and led her back by many steps while the others all started to follow them.

Meng Hongye stretched out her hand and pressed a few times on the mechanism next to the door. Following that, the ground started to sway towards its left and right.

A loud “bang” was heard and the huge ice sculpted door slowly opened up…

As it had not been opened for many years, as the huge door moved, the dust which had accumulated in the door slit and ground all started to swirl, as it started to scatter around the surroundings.

Meng Hongye choked on it and kept on coughing and took some time before she called out, “Alright, will everyone please follow me in.”

Li Moying then put Huang Yueli down as he held her hand and walked in through the huge door.

In the room, the temperature seemed even lower than outside and it took mere moments when everyone’s brows were covered with a thin layer of frost and the warm air which they puffed out all congealed into ice crystals.

Everything within the spacious room was all made out of ice and snow.

Right in the centre position stood a massive icicle and one could tell that this icicle formed the apex of the mechanism and it pierced right through the entire ice mountain breaking through the peak of the mountain as it shot into the clouds as the lower end stretched deep into the ground.

Revolved around the mechanism’s apex were various kinds of complicated mechanism parts, and each part was delicately done up, and also extremely complex.

But all these parts which should have originally continued to revolve seemed as though it was completely frozen, totally not moving at all.

Meng Hongye pointed to the icicle in the middle and introduced, “This is the ancient mechanism’s apex and if you have really read about this in Palace Lord Huang’s manual, then you should already understand this. The mechanism’s apex is the crux in controlling this massive sized mechanism and before the mechanism was damaged, it had been revolving day and night without stopping. This mechanism had once isolated Northern Ice Fields rampaging snow storms on the outside and in the past, the location where Ice Serpent Valley stood was an oasis and temperature was not much different from the North Sky Region.

Huang Yueli already knew about these situations hence she merely nodded her head lightly.

But this was the first time Cang Po Jun and the others heard about this and they all revealed an astonished expression.

“This mechanism actually has this kind of use! To be able to maintain such a large plot of oasis in such a cold place in Northern Ice Fields?”

Meng Hongye nodded her head as she responded, “That’s right, in the early historical ancient records which Ice Serpent Valley has preserved, that was recorded but I haven’t seen it with my own eyes. Moreover, this is just one of the functions of the ancient mechanism. This mechanism’s greatest use is that it could be used to suppress the enemy and it was rumoured that in the ancient times, when this mechanism was fully operated, it could even kill tenth stage realm practitioners!”

“What? Kill tenth stage realm practitioners??”

This time round, even Liu Buyan was shocked, as he cried out in surprise.

When Meng Hongye saw everyone slowly having a change of colour, she was rather delighted, “Why are everyone so surprised? In the ancient times, Soaring Heavens Continent had a huge number of tenth stage realm practitioners. If they didn’t even have this kind of endurance, how would Ice Serpent Valley possibly shelter our Clan’s clansmen?”