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Chapter 2268: Restoring an ancient mechanism (4)

However, she only had one chance now.

If she wasn’t able to break the array in one go to replenish the energy completely in the mechanism, in front of Meng Hongye, the latter might just see some fishy points and by then, obtaining the Claret Crystal Bracelet would be mission impossible.

Hence Huang Yueli had no choice but to be prudent.

She went round the mechanism’s apex and slowly turned one round, but actually, the position where her gaze stopped on was not the mechanism’s body, but on the complicated array patterns inscribed on the surroundings.

While she was observing it, she swiftly calculated in her mind.

Meng Hongye was extremely anxious but didn’t dared to interrupt her as she could only endure with it while standing by the side without speaking a single word.

Huang Yueli’s brows were creased for a while as she retrieved an array board from her realm ring and under the assistance of the array board, she swiftly calculated with hand gestures.

When Meng Hongye saw this, she couldn’t helped but felt slightly astonished. She had not expected that this young lass at such a tender age, was not just an Armament Master, but was also versed in array skills!

Seeing the array board in her hand, it was much larger by at least one time than ordinary array boards and the computation marks on it were much more complicated… to be able to use this kind of array board, it was easy to tell how her standard was!

Actually Huang Yueli had to take out this array board because she had no choice. After her rebirth, her mental power was much stronger than in her past life and under ordinary situations, there was already no need for her to rely on the array board to calculate.

But this time, to decode the ancient array, the difficulty level was simply too high.

Even though she was holding on to the array board, she didn’t have one hundred percent certainty.

Huang Yueli’s eyes were slightly closed as she kept on calculating and the surrounding people kept their eyes on her, not daring to even heave a loud breath, just in case they distracted her.

Finally, Huang Yueli opened her eyes.

“Alright, next, everyone please listen to my commands.”

The crowd perked up and all started to nod their heads in response.

Huang Yueli said, “Senior Brother, among everyone here, your cultivation is the highest so later I’d like to trouble you to stand at the position of the apex while Guardian Jun will stand on the South position, Guardian Hun at West position, Valley Master Meng at Northeast position and later when I activate the array, the array patterns will show on the ground so you will easily be able to distinguish the position that you should stand at.”

Those few who were pinpointed all nodded their heads at the same time.

Meng Hongye was slightly puzzled, “Young Miss Bai, what exactly should we do when we stand there?”

Huang Yueli smiled and replied, “This…. actually what you need to do is very simple. The structure of the ancient mechanism is extremely complex and there’s no way that you can help me operate it so the entire restoration process can only be completed by me alone. But my cultivation isn’t enough and is unable to support me in completing such a huge task whereas the restoration must be done at one go, without stopping. Hence, later on I will set up a spirit gathering array and all you need to do is to inject Profound Energy into it. These Profound Energy would be channelled into my body continuously, to allow me to continue with the restoration process.”

When Meng Hongye heard this explanation, she was enlightened, “So it’s like this! Alright, Young Miss Bai please be assured, I will try my best to assist you.”

Huang Yueli smiled slightly, “Then many thanks to Valley Master Meng.”

Liu Buyan was listening to their conversation by the side and silently burst out into laughter.

This Junior Sister of his was indeed very good at deceiving people.

Asking everyone to inject Profound Energy into the spirit gathering array, was obviously to store energy for the ancient mechanism.