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Chapter 2265: Restoring an ancient mechanism (1)

Huang Yueli gave a happy smile as she revealed her sharp little tiger fangs, looking almost like a genuine little fox.

“Actually, your guess is not right because by then, I will use the spirit gathering array to assist you guys hence we totally don’t require ninth stage realm peak practitioners. We just need a few eighth stage realm practitioners and we will be able to replenish this bit of energy completely. The reason why I insisted on ninth stage realm peak was because I didn’t want Meng Hongye to send anyone over, because this would increase the risk of exposing me.”

“So, Senior Brother, do you understand this now?”

Liu Buyan heard till this part and was completely convinced by this Junior Sister of his!

After so long, it was Meng Hongye who was thoroughly being played within their palms!

No wonder so many people had called Huang Yueli an unscrupulous businessman in the past, chasing after her as they scolded. She really was…. too treacherous and deceitful!

Liu Buyan wiped the cold sweat off from his forehead and felt fortunate that Huang Yueli was one of his own people, and not his enemy.

Otherwise, even though his ability and status was higher than Huang Yueli, even if there were ten of them, they would not be enough for Huang Yueli to play with!

Huang Yueli originally wanted to say something else when suddenly she felt her waist tightening and Li Moying suddenly stretched out his arm as he wrapped it around her slender waist, dragging her into his arms.

The man’s scorching breath rang beside her ear, as he puffed a burst of hot air by her cheek.

“Li’er, what are you secretly telling your ‘Senior Brother’? Hmm?”

Li Moying specially emphasized the two words “Senior Brother” and if one listened carefully, one would be able to tell that he basically gritted his teeth when he said that.

Huang Yueli knew that he was jealous again and couldn’t help but burst out into laughter, “Nothing.”

“You’re still laughing!” Li Moying pinched her face unhappily as he leaned in front of her and warned with a stern tone, “You’d better talk lesser to that fellow! If you’re bored and want to have a chat, you can look for me?”

Huang Yueli still had her beaming expression on as she turned around and fell into his arms while speaking out softly, “It’s really nothing. I was just making it clear to Senior Brother that later when we reach the axle of the mechanism, what he should do! Senior Brother seems a little worried that I’m not able to restore the mechanism and will be blamed by Valley Master Meng!”

Li Moying casted an icy cold glance at Liu Buyan as he scoffed lightly, “What’s there to be worried about? Since you say you can fix it, then you’d have your own reasoning, is there a need to ask? The fellow Liu is so naggy, a man like this, isn’t he boring or what?”

Huang Yueli’s lips flourished even more. Actually she was extremely clear that it wasn’t that Liu Buyan was boring because it was as normal as it could be to have this kind of doubts.

It was because Li Moying trusted her too much and also understood her too well hence he was able to stand on her side at any moment of time, without asking any reasons.

This kind of trust was so rare and valuable and he was much stronger and abled with such a handsome countenance hence it made her extremely touched.

Huang Yueli stretched out her slender finger as she poked his chest, “Then later, you have to listen to my command and whatever I tell you to do, you should just follow ok?”

Li Moying pinched her disturbing little hand, placing it by his lips as he kissed it gently, “That’s obvious right?”

Saying that, he shot a provocative gaze towards Liu Buyan’s direction.

Liu Buyan took a look at the young lady in his arms and silently sighed.

Even though he was extremely jealous, there was no way that he could not help but admit that this time, he had lost to Li Moying again.