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Chapter 2264: Seventy percent certainty (6)

“What’s the problem?” Liu Buyan asked relentlessly.

Huang Yueli stole a look at Meng Hongye and continued, “I discovered that the arrays inscribed on these mechanisms are actually a kind of array which could store energy and it could absorb the surrounding Heaven and Earth Profound Qi, to become the force when the mechanism is activated. Otherwise, for such a massive sized mechanism, even if it was tenth stage realm or even god grade top exponents, they probably wouldn’t be able to drive it based on their own power.”

“In the ancient times, Soaring Heavens Continent’s Heaven and Earth Profound Qi were extremely abundant so it could endlessly provide energy for these mechanisms and even after activating its full force attack, it could in an extremely short amount of time, to complete the storage of energy. But now it’s totally different.”

“Right now the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi is only one percent of the ancient times and under this situation, the speed of energy storage becomes extremely slow. I deduce that several thousands of years ago, Ice Serpent Valley definitely had undergone some huge change and in order to correspond to that, the Valley Master operated the ancient mechanism at full force, depleting all the stored energy within. Later on, the energy storage array required a long period of time before it was fully charged with Profound Qi and the reason why the mechanism for the past thousands of years could not be started was because, this mechanism had been in the state of storing energy…”


Liu Buyan almost cried out again but luckily, he reacted in time and covered his mouth.

He went into secret transmission once again, “I understand now, looks like Ice Serpent Valley’s people couldn’t understand the mechanism and array’s principle hence they had been flying like a headless housefly, totally unable to find the solution.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head as she replied, “Exactly so.”

“Then… in this case, whether this mechanism is fixed or not, the result would still be the same then what are you going to do later? Are you intending to tell Valley Master Meng the truth? But I wonder if she will believe you or not? Moreover, if you told her this, the mechanism actually isn’t restored by you, she might not give you the Claret Crystal Bracelet!”

Liu Buyan was evidently doubtful as his good looking brows creased slightly together.

Huang Yueli’s eyes blinked, giving off a crafty smile, “So that’s why, whether we are able to get the Claret Crystal Bracelet or not, it will depend on your acting kills!”

“What??” Liu Buyan had a dazed expression on his face.

He had been in this state several times today, feeling that he totally could not catch up with Huang Yueli’s line of thinking

As the Number One Pill Master in the Continent, he had always felt that he was rather intelligent as his intelligence was able to second-kill many practitioners.

However, in front of Huang Yueli, especially today, he felt that he was like a silly fool, totally not understanding what she was talking about.

Huang Yueli smiled, Senior Brother, what’s the matter with you today? Actually the logic is very simple. That time I had researched on the array and calculated together with Guardian Yu on the energy. This ancient mechanism’s energy is in fact about to be full, just within these two years and it should be able to operate as per normal. In case we calculate wrongly, before I came over, I even verified the calculation with Guardian Yu to ensure that there indeed isn’t any error.”

“So, even without me, this mechanism would probably be able to start operating before next year. Right now we are here just to add in that missing portion of the energy, to bring forward the progress and make the mechanism start operating right now.”

Liu Buyan then revealed an enlightened look, “So it’s like this… no wonder you requested for ninth stage realm practitioners’ help, actually it’s to hope that we will inject our Profound Energy into the array, right?”