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Chapter 2263: Seventy percent certainty (5)

Currently Ice Serpent Valley only has a total of three ninth stage realm peak practitioners.

Other than Meng Hongye herself, the other two were all Ice Serpent Valley’s Supreme Elders and usually they would be in closed door cultivation and rarely appeared in front of everyone.

Now in order to restore the ancient mechanism, moreover not sure if it could be restored, to call the two elderly out, Meng Hongye knew that it was impossible from just thinking about it.

Helpless, she could only choose to give in, “Alright then, will the few of you please come with me.”

Meng Hongye led Huang Yueli and the others as they weaved through the elaborate ice sculptors all the way into the internal area of the valley.

The few of them passed by many mechanisms’ doors and followed along the revolving corridor downwards for close to one hour.

Seeing that they had already walked to the centre of the ice mountain, the surroundings were pitch dark and with the only torch in Meng Hongye’s hand as a light source, the crowd were all feeling uneasy.

Liu Buyan walked next to Huang Yueli as he whispered, “Junior Sister, this place looks rather weird, will there…. be any problems?”

Huang Yueli wasn’t very worried, “No matter, Senior Brother please be assured. This ancient mechanism is extremely large so I believe when it was built that year, it could be used by some ancient god realm’s large clan to protect the clan’s territory, and it’s not some ordinary mechanism hence that’s why it’s hidden.”

In actual fact, she had already passed through this passageway several times in her past life hence she was able to be so certain.

Liu Buyan nodded his head and lowered his voice even more as he asked, “Then… Junior Sister, such a gigantic ancient mechanism, you… really have a way to restore it?”

To tell the truth, even Liu Buyan also had some doubts if Huang Yueli really had the endurance to do so.

Although Huang Yueli’s past life was a ninth ranked Armament Master, but Liu Buyan himself was a ninth ranked Pill Master.

He was very clear that the difference between ninth ranked and god ranked was actually an impassable border!

If he was to refine god grade medicinal pills, he would absolutely not be able to do it.

Could it be that Huang Yueli’s armament refining skills was actually so strong until this extend, comparable to god ranked Armament Masters?

Huang Yueli stole a glance at Meng Hongye and on seeing her clearing the passageway in front, without paying any attention to this side hence she used the secret transmission technique to talk to Liu Buyan, “Senior Brother, you’re mistaken. How would I ever have such great ability! But I’ve researched this mechanism in my past life and discovered that these mechanisms, actually, isn’t spoilt…”

“WHAT?” Liu Buyan was shocked as he couldn’t help but shouted out.

When Meng Hongye heard the noise, she turned back and took a look at him as she frowned, “Divine Doctor Liu, what’s the matter with you?”

Liu Buyan also realised that he shouldn’t have made a noise as he hurriedly attempted to conceal it with a laugh, “I’m so sorry, earlier I wasn’t watching where I was walking and almost tripped… now everything’s fine.”

Meng Hongye was slightly suspicious but she didn’t say anything as she continued to lead the way.

Huang Yueli gave Liu Buyan a stare and continued with the transmission, “Senior Brother, why are you screaming out loud for?”

“Sorry, it’s my fault! But I was just too shocked earlier! Since their mechanism isn’t spoilt, then why hasn’t it been fixed for the past thousands of years?” Liu Buyan also replied via transmission.

Huang Yueli explained, “Earlier I wasn’t too sure as well but later on I copied down all the inscribed array patterns on the mechanism and discussed in detail with Guardian Yu for a period of time and finally found where the problem lay.”