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Chapter 2262: Seventy percent certainty (4)

Huang Yueli shrugged as she said, “Will Valley Master Meng please speak your mind.”

Meng Hongye asked, “That year, Palace Lord Huang is a ninth stage realm peak top exponent hence she had the ability to attempt to restore the god levelled ancient mechanism. Even if it was her, there were many times back then when she became unconscious because of the depletion of Profound Energy! Young Miss Bai, you’re only in the sixth stage realm…”

“Seventh stage realm!” Huang Yueli interrupted to correct her.

Meng Hongye was stunned, “You… you’re already in the seventh stage realm?? How could that be possible, how old are you only…”

She was stunned for a moment but subsequently, she shook her head, “Alright, you’re so young and already a seventh stage realm practitioner. Your innate talent is indeed astonishing but as compared to a ninth stage realm peak practitioner, the disparity is still too huge! Haven’t you ever considered that if in the middle of restoration, your Profound Energy isn’t enough then what should you do? You’re an Armament Master and you should be clearer than me that if this situation occurs, your meridians would definitely be damaged and if the situation is serious, it might even lead you into Qi Deviation!”

Huagn Yueli gave a faint smile when she heard that, “Valley Master Meng, I appreciate your kind intentions. But yesterday you’ve also seen how I restore the ninth levelled mechanism. I have my own ways, and I can orchestrate high grade practitioners to help me complete the refining process and it might not necessarily totally rely on my own Profound Energy. Don’t worry, I won’t use my own future to joke around and since I’ve already said that I have the certainty, then will Valley Master Meng please be assured, you just need to prepare the Claret Crystal Bracelet and that will do!”

Huang Yueli had already said things to such an extent and Meng Hongye also could not find any suspicious points on this.

Even though everything sounded unbelievable, but inside Meng Hongye’s inner depths of her heart, it seemed that there had always been a voice which continuously hinted at her, urging her to believe in this young lady in front of her!

As though demons and gods were at work, she finally nodded her head, “Alright, then will Young Miss Bai please follow me!”

Meng Hongye turned around and led Huang Yueli to the location where the axle of the mechanism was.

Huang Yueli waved her hand, indicating for Li Moying and the others to follow her.

When Meng Hongye saw that, her footsteps instantly stopped as she frowned, “Young Miss Bai, you might not know but this ancient mechanism is extremely large, as it envelops the entire Ice Serpent Valley and it is all because of the mechanism axle’s control. The location of this mechanism axle is one of the greatest secret in Ice Serpent Valley and only the successive Valley’s core figures would know the location of the axle. This time, in order to invite you to help restore the mechanism, I made the exception to bring you over, but your friends over here, I’m afraid that they will not be able to follow us.”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she immediately explained, “Valley Master Meng, I’ve already explained this earlier that when I’m restoring the mechanism, my own Profound Energy isn’t enough hence I require their help.”

Meng Hongye then recalled what Huang Yueli said earlier and instantly appeared to be put on the spot.

“This….. Young Miss Bai, we have quite a number of ninth stage realm practitioners in Ice Serpent Valley. If you feel that those few who helped you restore the ninth levelled mechanism yesterday do not have enough power, then I can invite my Ice Serpent Valley’s Elders out, to assist you…”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “I need at least four ninth stage realm peak practitioners and we must trust each other mutually, with flawless mutual coordination, are you able to help me find those few?”

Meng Hongye was stunned momentarily and following that her face flushed red as she spoke out awkwardly, “This…”

She realised that this condition which Huang Yueli mentioned, she wasn’t able to satisfy it at all!