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Chapter 2255: No choice but to lower their heads (4)

Meng Hongye’s expression changed!

If it was said that earlier she was still in doubt, not knowing just how Liu Buyan’s medical skills were, if he was just blowing his own trumpet or if he really had some standard.

But upon hearing his words now, Meng Hongye understood that Liu Buyan was definitely a Divine Doctor with extremely outstanding medical skills!

Because he could actually rely on roughly observing her complexion without taking her pulse and precisely telling Meng Wan’er’s injured condition, down to the exact point of how many meridians were broken and the severity of it was also clearly stated!

Even Ice Serpent Valley’s seventh ranked Pill Masters who were held in high regard didn’t have this kind of ability!

With this thinking in mind, Meng Hongye’s attitude immediately became respectful, “This… Divine Doctor, I haven’t asked you for your name?”

Liu Buyan swept a glance at her but didn’t open his mouth, apparently not intending to respond to Meng Hongye.

Meng Hongye was put on a difficult position and if it was usual times, she would forget about it but now that her beloved disciple’s life and future was hanging by a thin thread, at this very moment she couldn’t be bothered about any other stuff as she could only swallow this anger while speaking even more modestly than before, “This Divine Doctor, the matter earlier is indeed my disciple’s fault, I apologize to Young Miss Bai on her behalf!”

She nodded her head at Huang Yueli and immediately turned towards Liu Buyan, “This Divine Doctor…”

Liu Buyan raised his chin, “Don’t look at me, I only listen to my Junior Sister! Your apology towards my Junior Sister is so insincere, yet you’re still expecting me to treat Meng Wan’er?”

His intention was just too obvious, she just intentionally wanted to put Meng Hongye on the spot.

Meng Hongye’s face instantly surfaced a pink shade of embarrassment, as she felt so aggrieved in her heart!

No matter what, she was the leader of a top rated large powerhouse like Ice Serpent Valley, and her status was extremely high up.

From what she thought, for her to say “sorry” to a young lass like Huang Yueli, it was already giving her more than enough face!

Could it be that he wanted her to bow or kneel down to beg this young lass for forgiveness?

However, Liu Buyan’s attitude was extremely firm and after he finished his words, he didn’t even take another look at Meng Hongye.

Meng Hongye was helpless as she could only turn towards Huang Yueli, “Young Miss Bai, this…. this…”

Meeting with Meng Hongye’s hesitant gaze, her heart sighed with feeling. She knew that Liu Buyan was feeling upset over her being put in a difficult position and suspected hence he specially wanted to stand up for her. But she didn’t have any ill feelings towards Meng Hongye hence she didn’t want to make things difficult for her.

She thought for a moment and said, “Valley Master Meng, I can ask my Senior Brother to help but you’d definitely have to pay him a satisfactorily price for it…”

Meng Hongye nodded her head consecutively, “This I understand, tomorrow I’ll get someone to bring the reward over to this Divine Doctor’s room and also Young Miss Bai’s reward for restoring the mechanism today, I will also pass it over together, so don’t worry about it!”

Huang Yueli smiled and turned her head as she said, “Senior Brother, you’d better help Young Miss Meng take a look. Later when we need to enter the frozen zone, we’d still need to rely on Ice Serpent Valley’s disciples for help. If you offend them now, what shall we do then?”

Liu Buyan’s expression didn’t change but he strode over in a few big steps.

“Since Junior Sister you’ve already said so, what other things can I say? Valley Master Meng, put her down and let her lie flat on the snowy ground. Carrying her like that around will make the originally curable injury become even more serious!”

“Oh, ok, ok!” Meng Hongye hurriedly placed Meng Hongye back on a piece of flat icy ground.