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Chapter 2254: No choice but to lower their heads (3)

“Oh no, Wan’er’s injury is simply too serious…” Meng Hongye’s brows creased tightly, “If she can’t be cured in time, it would result in her being unable to recover for the rest of her life, and affect her cultivation… Sigh! What should I do!”

Her heart was burning anxiously because after all, this was the only direct disciple whom she had taken in.

Although she was pampered badly by her, and had a bad temper, her innate talent was extremely outstanding as her cultivation speed was also hard to come by.

If she was heavily injured right here now and affected her future, then… she really couldn’t bear it!

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli joined her and spoke out softly, “Valley Master Meng, don’t worry. My Senior Brother is a Pill Master, let him render treatment to Young Miss Meng!”

Meng Hongye shook her head, “It’s no use. I myself am a fifth ranked Pill Master and I roughly know the situation. Wan’er’s injury is too serious and ordinary doctors simply can’t cure her! I have to bring her back to Ice Serpent Valley quickly and let the valley’s seventh ranked Pill Masters treat her, only, it would probably…. sigh!”

Meng Hongye gave a long sigh and said, “Young Miss Bai, my disciple got injured mainly because she was overly rash and has nothing to do with you, please don’t blame yourself for that. But please forgive This Valley Master for not being able to receive you today, and also I have no time to properly show my gratitude. Will you please stay behind in Ice Serpent Valley, I need to bring Wan’er back to seek treatment right now…..”

Saying that, she carried Meng Wan’er and was about to get up and leave.

Huang Yueli hurriedly pulled her sleeve, “Wait, Valley Master Meng, my Senior Brother’s medical skills are famous throughout the entire Soaring Heavens Continent and his potential is above seventh ranked Pill Master! Why do you need to seek help from afar? Do let him take a look first!”

Meng Hongye was stunned, “Potential is above seventh ranked Pill Master? Really?”

Seeing that Meng Hongye didn’t believe her, Huang Yueli didn’t bother explaining any further but directly waved to Liu Buyan, beckoning for him to come over.

Liu Buyan swaggered over, obviously extremely unwilling as he spoke out lazily, “Why? Want me to render treatment to this young lady? What’s wrong with you, am I someone who will casually help anyone do a consultation?”

Huang Yueli knew he did it intentionally as she coordinated with him, “Senior Brother, don’t be like this! Can’t you tell that if you still don’t help, this Young Miss Meng will really not be able to cultivate in future any longer!”

Liu Buyan shrugged as he said, “What does it have to do with me?”

“Saving one’s life is greater than building a seventh storey pagoda…”

“It’s no use even if one hundred stories are built!” Liu Buyan’s lazy and casual expression retracted as he revealed a cold smile, “My Junior Sister’s heart is so kind, giving face to Meng Wan’er hence she didn’t put things across so uglily but I’m not someone with a good temper! Don’t think that I can’t tell, earlier Meng Wan’er obviously wanted to scheme against my Junior Sister hence she intentionally refused to listen to Junior Sister’s words and went on to attack the centre position of the mechanism. There’s totally no ‘mis-aim’, or ‘coincidence’!”

“This… this…..” When Meng Hongye heard that, she was apparently embarrassed, “This Divine Doctor, this is definitely a misunderstanding, misunderstanding…”

Liu Buyan shrugged, “If you say it’s a misunderstanding, then let it be a misunderstanding. But your disciple’s injury is indeed not light! If I didn’t see wrongly, among the eighteen meridians, sixteen are already broken and the other ten have broken into segments so if she doesn’t receive treatment to join it up, three days later, she will become a handicap!”