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Chapter 2256: No choice but to lower their heads (5)

Liu Buyan stooped down as he started to diagnose in detail.

Meng Hongye saw Liu Buyan bringing out his golden needles and without any thought, he started to place his needles down, in an accurate and swift motion so after a while of observation, she slowly started to ease her heart.

She was a Pill Master as well so naturally she knew clearly that a genuine top expert did like what Liu Buyan did!

This Pill Master’s standard was really first rated in Soaring Heavens Continent, so he should be able to save Meng Wan’er.

Meng Hongye was watching him as her gaze slowly started to land onto Huang Yueli once again, her heart became even more puzzled.

The first time she met Li Moying and the entire group of people, she originally thought that and relied on her fiancé’s face before she could join the powerful group out on experience learning.

But within the short span of one day and night, she realised that she was completely wrong!

This young lass, since when was she a vase? Rather, it could be said that she was the person with the most vocal authority within the entire group!

Not only did she have heaven defying armament refining ability, to be able to easily restore a ninth levelled mechanism, she could even take a further step to advance it.

More importantly, she was able to make Li Moying, the peerless genius and Liu Buyan, the Divine Doctor listen to her totally!

This was definitely not an easy task! Ordinary people totally couldn’t achieve this at all.

Just as Meng Hongye was secretly observing Huang Yueli, at the same time, Liu Buyan’s golden needles acupuncture had already entered into the last stage.

He used an exclusive method as his fingers were swiftly flying while he continuously retracted all the ten over needles which were pierced into Meng Wan’er’s body.

Following that, he stretched out his hand as he patted Meng Wan’er’s chest hard, injecting his own Profound Energy into the young lady’s body, later clearing the blockages in her meridians.

Meng Wan’er’s body shook and following that, she gave a muffled moan as she slowly opened her eyes.

The minute she opened her eyes, she happened to see Huang Yueli who was standing in front of her, as she asked with a smiling face, “Young Miss Meng, are you alright now? Earlier you actually fainted, it really gave all of us a bad scare!

Meng Wan’er’s eyes widened instantly as she kept on scolding and wanted to beat Huang Yueli.

Meng Hongye simply could not stand seeing this any longer as she berated her in a barking voice, “WAN’ER! You’re This Valley Master’s direct disciple, how can your actions be so vulgar? Young Miss Bai had kindly asked her Senior Brother to save you, but now you’re repaying kindness with ingratitude? If you act so recklessly without any restrain again, don’t blame This Valley Master for not treating you nicely!”

In Meng Hongye’s eyes, the current Huang Yueli was not only someone with innate talent, she also bore a noble character!

Obviously it was Meng Wan’er who offended her first, but yet she still did not dwell on the past as she asked her Senior Brother to help cure Meng Wan’er, just how magnanimous and her bearing! This simply couldn’t help but make one want to worship her!

When Meng Wan’er heard that even her Master spoke about her in this way, and she even… even said Bai Ruoli was kind-hearted??

She didn’t manage to catch her breath as she fainted once again.

“Wan’er, Wan’er? What’s the matter with you??”

After another flurry of turmoil and chaos, Liu Buyan came over and pretended to diagnose her as he spoke with an unsmiling smile, “Mn, will Valley Master Meng please be assured. There’s no big issue with Young Miss Meng, merely losing too much blood after her injury plus her mind isn’t very good hence she fainted once again. She’d be fine after having a good sleep!”

He brushed over this topic so easily hence Meng Hongye was assured and after showing her gratitude towards him, she then carried Meng Wan’er back.

Huang Yueli and the others returned to the guest room in Ice Serpent Valley once again.