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Chapter 2250: Jumped into the pit that she dug herself (7)

A resounding “Bang” reverberated.

After that was a crackling series of bones shattering sound.

Just from this miserable sound alone, it made everyone’s hearts chill.

Meng Hongye immediately ran over as she checked on Meng Wan’er’s injury and on this one look, it made her extremely anxious.

“Heavens! Wan’er, Wan’er, quickly wake up!”

Everyone in Ice Serpent. Valley crowded over and all of their expressions sank.

“The injury on Junior Sister Wan’er is simply too serious, more than half of the bones in her body have shattered!”

“Heavens, how did it turn out like this? Such a serious injury, even if her bones could be joined back in future, it would also affect her future cultivation!”

“What exactly happened earlier? I didn’t have any chance to react at all! Wasn’t Junior Sister Wan’er testing that mechanism? Why did it suddenly…”

Everyone was trying to recall the scenario earlier as their hearts were filled with puzzlement.

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli who had a terrified expression on her face squeezed into the crowd.

“Young Miss Meng, Young Miss Meng, you… what’s the matter with you? Heavens, why did it become like this???”

Huang Yueli exaggeratedly covered her mouth as her eyes opened up wide, “blankly” staring at Meng Wan’er who was lying limply on the ground, as though she didn’t dare to believe that Meng Wan would fall so miserably.

Earlier when Meng Wan’er fell onto the ground, there were some people who suspected that it was Huang Yueli who resorted to some trickery earlier but on seeing her performance right now, most of them all started to get puzzled.

Seeing Huang Yueli’s pure and innocent small face, they simply couldn’t tell that she was such a black-bellied person.

“Young Miss Bai, this… what exactly is going on? Why was Wan’er sent flying when she was testing the array, and even suffered such a heavy injury?” Meng Hongye’s brows creased as she suppressed the anger in her and started interrogating.

Huang Yueli put on a blank expression, “This… this should be because… because she was rebounded by the mechanism that I’ve restored?”

“Rebounded?” Everyone was puzzled, “Isn’t this a defensive mechanism? Why would it rebound? Defensive mechanism shouldn’t have any attack characteristics ah?”

Hearing these questions, Huang Yueli gave a slight cough as she explained with a prim and proper expression, “This is something that everyone doesn’t know about. Actually that year when Palace Lord Huang set up the defensive array, it was only of elementary standard and later on she researched extensively into this and discovered that if she added some materials into the defensive mechanism, it will have a certain percentage of rebounding the attacks from the outside world!”

“What? This can be done in such a way??”

“A defensive mechanism with rebound function… heavens, just how incredible is that?”

“Young Miss Bai, is what you’re saying true?”

The crowd’s face was astonished as they crowded around Huang Yueli and started questioning.

Huang Yueli nodded her head and said, “That’s right, after increasing the rebound attack effect, the entire defensive mechanism would materialise both attack and defence together and become even more powerful and indestructible! Palace Lord Huang had recorded this new structure blueprint into the notebook and I’ve also researched thoroughly on it. This time, as the quality of Valley Master Meng’s materials are very good, so I was thinking that I can also remodel the mechanism as well so in future if you meet with danger, it will prevent troubles before it happens.”

Huang Yueli’s words instantly gained a round of praises from everyone in Ice Serpent Valley.

“Young Miss Bai, you’re simply incredible! You actually are able to understand the blueprint model which Palace Lord Huang had remodelled!”

“That’s right, moreover you actually thought on our behalf, to actually help us remodel and upgrade the mechanism!”