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Chapter 2251: Jumped into the pit that she dug herself (8)

“Young Miss Bai, you’re so young yet your armament refining standard is already so high, your future is limitless!”

Rounds of praises kept on coming as the crowd couldn’t wait to push Huang Yueli into the position of Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Genius!

At this very moment, the crowd were filled with gratitude as they simply felt that she was an angel who was sent down from Heavens to help Ice Serpent Valley.

Everyone revolved around Huang Yueli as they had long thrown Meng Wan’er, whose meridians had shattered and were full of broken bones, behind their minds.

Huang Yueli waved her hand as she put on a humble look, “Overpraised, you’ve all overpraised me! The most incredible thing is the blueprint which Palace Lord Huang had left behind, I merely just followed according to it!”

“Although you can put it in that way, Young Miss Bai your armament refining standard has to be high enough before you can restore it perfectly!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Palace Lord Huang indeed has powerful ability but Young Miss Bai’s innate talent is so outstanding so surpassing Palace Lord Huang is only a matter of sooner or later!”

“Young Miss Bai is indeed too humble. Your armament refining standard is so high and yet you’re such a humble Armament Master, this is really something that cannot be found!”

The crowd was filled with praises towards her character when they heard her humble words.

Li Moying and the others didn’t squeeze into the crowd but stood not too far away which was enough to allow him to hear their conversation clearly.

Cang Po Jun and the others were all dumbstruck as they totally had not imagined that Huang Yueli was actually so incredible. She actually only said a few mere words and had already managed to dupe Ice Serpent Valley’s people till they didn’t know which direction was north.

Liu Buyan couldn’t help but lowered his head as he chuckled softly, “Junior Sister really is…. saying Palace Lord Huang’s blueprint is incredible, isn’t she self-praising? In the end, she was still said to be humble and prudent…”

Li Moying’s eyes also reflected a smile, his Li’er was really getting more and more mischievous…

Just at this moment, everyone heard a muffled moan amid the crowd.

“Ah, Junior Sister Wan’er! You’re awake!”

Haering Meng Wan’er’s painful moaning, the crowd seemed as though they had awoken from the dream, as they finally recalled that the heavily injured Meng Wan’er was still lying in the cold snowy ground, with her life and death still unknown!

The crowd hurried over to check on her condition.

Meng Wan’er expended all her energy to open her eyes, only to feel a bone piercing pain shooting all over her entire body as her four limbs seemed to have been frozen, rendering her totally immovable with only a pair of eyeballs which were still able to roam around.

She stared at Haung Yueli tenaciously as she gritted her teeth and used all the energy from her body to hiss out the few words from the slits of her teeth, “Bai…. Bai…. Ruo…. Li… you… you…. cough cough cough…”

A burst of bloody breath shot up from her chest as Meng Wan’er couldn’t even finish one sentence and coughed vigorously as the corners of her lips seeped out blood.

Huang Yueli squatted down on the ground with a guilty look, “Young Miss Meng, you…. are you alright? I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. If I’d known earlier, I shouldn’t have made this decision to add in the new function into the defensive mechanism! I thought it would help Ice Serpent Valley, but I’ve not thought, ai…”

“Testing mechanism is an extremely dangerous matter and if there’s any negligence, it could easily lead to an injury! If I’d known that you’re so careless, I shouldn’t have agreed for you to do the testing! Sigh, it’s all my fault!”

Huang Yueli lowered her head in “guilt” as she was saying that, putting on an extremely remorseful look which blamed herself.

In this way, the others totally couldn’t bear to see this any longer as they all started to stand out to persuade her.

“Young Miss Bai, don’t blame yourself, how could this be your fault?”

“That’s right, you helped Ice Serpent Valley to remodel the mechanism and is our Ice Serpent Valley’s saviour! What wrong could you have?”