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Chapter 2249: Jumped into the pit that she dug herself (6)

Was this wretched lass silly or what? She actually told her the mechanism’s weak point to her?

This, was she worried that she didn’t have a way to damage the mechanism?

Meng Wan’er frowned as she pondered over it when suddenly, her eyes lit up and was enlightened!

So it was like this, she was just thinking that no one would be so silly to dig a pit for herself!

Looked like this wretched lass’s restoration of the mechanism, the thinner portion should be the centre position whereas the boundaries around the surroundings were more solid but this wretched lass had intentionally turned it around!

If she were to believe this wretched lass’s words, later when she attacked the surrounding boundaries, she would probably not be able to cause any damage to the mechanism at all.

Even the so-called weaker loophole was indestructible! In this way, it would further prove that the wretched lass’s mechanism quality was outstanding!

When Meng Wan’er thought of this, she suddenly felt rather fortunate.

Luckily her thoughts raced fast enough and was able to react in time to foil this wretched lass’s schemes. Otherwise wouldn’t she really be tricked by her?

Meng Wan’er’s lips curled into a cold smile as she turned towards Huang Yueli, “Alright, I know already. Thank you Young Miss Bai for your pointers.”

As though he didn’t see the ridicule in her eyes, Huang Yueli gave a breezing smile, “It’s good that you understand. If you still want to continue testing, please go ahead.”

Meng Wan’er nodded her head as she took a step forward and leapt up into the skies once again!

She exhibited the Efficacious Serpent skill third stage once again as powerful Profound Energy was unleashed, striking towards the mechanism!

This time round, she practically used one hundred percent of her power hence this gust of Profound Energy was much stronger by an entire fold than her previous attacks!

This imposing stance was rampaging as she gained the upper hand by a show of strength!

It immediately attracted bursts of shrills from everyone present.

Meng Wan’er exhausted her energy but the target of attack was not towards the weakest part of the four surroundings’ boundaries but rather— right smack in the centre part of the mechanism!

Everyone’s eyes widened when they saw this.

Whereas Huang Yueli couldn’t help but screamed out, “No—! Young Miss Meng, I’ve already told you earlier not to attack the centre position?”

Meng Wan’er’s body was still suspended in mid-air and hadn’t landed onto the ground when she heard Huang Yueli’s shocked screaming and she felt even more delighted in her heart.

Haha, this wretched lass, she finally showed her fox tail eh?

So terrified, wasn’t she trying her best to conceal the weak part, but had been seen through by a single action of hers?

Following this, she would then see how this wretched lass made a fool out of herself!

Just as Meng Wan’er’s lips contained a smile while believing that success was within her grasp, suddenly the spectators there started screaming volts of screeches.

Meng Hongye’s expression changed abruptly, “Wan’er, be careful, quickly evade!”

Meng Wan’er was still indulged in delightful feelings and totally couldn’t react in time as she looked towards Meng Hongye in a daze.

The next moment, she suddenly sensed a wave of tremendous energy attacking from her back, as it hit her right smack against her lower waist!

This burst of Profound Energy surged up violently in an extremely powerful stance with shocking swift speed!

Meng Wan’er totally could not evade in time as she crashed heavily into mid-air!

In an instance, she felt that her entire body’s meridians and bones seemed to have been crushed completely, as an intense pain flushed right into every single meridian.

Meng Wan’er threw up blood in mid-air as she crashed heavily onto the snowy ground.

Meng Hongye’s gaze flashed as she pounced towards her own disciple in an attempt to save her.

However, she was still too late.

Meng Wan’er directly descended onto a solid piece of ice block.