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Chapter 2243: Simply a miracle! (6)

Under one command, all the practitioners retracted their Profound Energies at the same time.

Simultaneously, Huang Yueli’s fingers also kept moving with different actions swiftly, as one after another hand gestures were striked onto different parts of the mechanism.

The blazing deviant flame also slowly started to weaken.

Until the very end, it completely extinguished.

Huang Yueli took a deep breath as she lifted her hands and wiped the cold sweat off her forehead while showing a smile at the corners of her lips.

“Alright, it’s completed! Valley Master Meng, you may now come over to inspect the finished product.”

Saying that, she retreated quite a distance back as she sized up her piece of work from afar, as she felt satisfied with it.

At this moment, the mechanism which was exhibited in front of everyone was polished to perfection and every single part was lively and beautiful. The rot and rust which was coated on the exterior parts were now cleaned up.

The entire restored mechanism looked anew.

Meng Hongye couldn’t help but widened her eyes in disbelief as she took a step upwards and went round the mechanism’s surroundings, inspecting in detail every single part and the more she inspected, the more terrified she felt!

“You actually… actually really did it! This is a ninth levelled mechanism and moreover it was personally designed and refined by Palace Lord Huang personally! You actually have the ability to restore it! You’re too incredible, This Valley Master has never seen an armament refining genius like you before!”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled into a smile as she naturally didn’t object to it.

The mechanism that she designed herself, when she restored it, naturally there wasn’t much difficulty at all.

If it wasn’t for the fact that her cultivation in martial arts still isn’t high enough, she wouldn’t need to find so many helpers because she herself could easily settle it.

Moreover, if she were to restore it alone, her speed would be much faster than now. She spent a total of over two hours this time because she needed to match each practitioner’s Profound Energy’s intensity hence she intentionally slowed down the pace to a snail pace.

Of course, on the surface, Huang Yueli still put on a humble attitude as she quickly said, “You’ve overpraised me, Valley Master Meng, you’re indeed really overpraising me!”

Her attitude was no different from yesterday, still the same where she wasn’t servile nor too overbearing.

But in other people’s eyes, it was completely two different matters.

Yesterday, everyone didn’t understand her real ability hence all of them felt that this young lady was simply too wild!

But now, everyone came to realise that she wasn’t being too wild at all! She was simply overly humble!

Most Armament Masters with her kind of abilities had their eyes grown on top of their brows and never looked at anyone in the eye?

This Young Miss Bai, although she wasn’t amiable and approachable, but it was really rare, simply too rare!

Different kinds of praise kept ringing and as Huang Yueli usually heard quite a lot, hence she simply didn’t think much of it as she directly walked right next to Li Moying.

Li Moying stretched out his long and powerful arm as he held her jade-like little hand in his palm and gently pulled her over with a light tug into his arms as his fingers moved around her forehead which was dishevelled, gently combing her messy strands of hand going right next to her er.

“Li’er, it’s been hard on you. Do you want to take break?’

Huang Yueli blinked her big eyes as she shook her head.

Just at this moment…

“Wait a minute, Master, wait a minute!” Meng Wan’er suddenly stood out and spoke out loudly, “Master, Wan’er has something which I don’t get, everyone… have you forgotten some important matter?”

Meng Hongye jolted as she turned her head and took at her, “Wan’er, what are you trying to say?”