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Chapter 2244: Jumped into the pit that she dug herself (1)

Meng Wan’er’s penetrative sight turned towards Huang Yueli and her tone was filled with deep suspicions.

“Master, haven’t you found it strange that this Bai Ruoli is still so young but she is able to restore a ninth levelled mechanism. This is something which an Armament Master who is seventh ranked and above could achieve! She is so young but not only her armament refining standard is so high, I can tell that even her martial arts cultivation isn’t weak as well, at least in the sixth stage realm so how is it possible for her to have that much time to learn so many things? So I doubt that she totally hasn’t restored the mechanism but made used of some trickery in order to obtain the Claret Crystal Bracelet, deceiving everyone!”

When Huang Yueli heard her discrediting words, she almost laughed out.

If Meng Wan’er knew that not only did she practice cultivation, refine armaments, moreover she was also a first rate pill refining genius, she wondered if the former would be so infuriated that she would throw up blood on the spot?

However, Huang Yueli had no intention to exhibit her ace in front of everyone in Ice Serpent Valley.

She merely replied indifferently, “Young Miss Meng’s words are indeed meaningful. Earlier when I was restoring the mechanism, everyone was present watching, what kind of trickery could I resort to?”

When the others heard that, they all also started to speak out for Huang Yueli.

“That’s right, Young Miss Meng, everyone’s watching here. I, Old Xu, didn’t even blink as I have been watching from the start till the end!”

“Isn’t that so? Although I don’t understand armament refining, but just based on this stance, there shouldn’t be any problem right?”

Meng Wan’er gave a cold laugh as she interrupted the others, “Earlier I said that you can’t just rely on the exterior, the exterior appearance of the mechanism has been refreshed but is that considered as being restored successfully? Why has no one thought about verifying if the mechanism is really usable? The defensive effectiveness, is it really the same as what Palace Lord Huang had left behind?”

“This…..” When Meng Hongye heard that, she was stunned as well.

Logically speaking, it was common practice to test out the product when the mechanism was manufactured or restored.

But earlier when Huang Yueli was restoring the mechanism, the commotion that she caused was simply too huge hence everyone were captivated by her gorgeous skills and they subconsciously believed her immediately that she had indeed restored the mechanism. Moreover the restoration was done perfectly!

No one had actually thought about doing the verification of the finished product.

Thinking of this, Meng Hongye frowned and said, “What Wan’er said, indeed made some sense.”

She turned towards Huang Yueli, “Young Miss Bai, I’d like to test out the restored mechanism, what do you think…..”

Her tone was extremely polite, and even carried a hinge of carefulness.

As compared to when she first met Huang Yueli, that towering arrogant attitude, it was totally different!

This was because Huang Yueli’s exhibition of her armament refining skills was simply too shocking and if anyone were to see that scene, they would all think that this young lady’s future was limitless.

As a Master of a Valley, Meng Hongye naturally wasn’t willing to offend this kind of genius.

Huang Yueli shot a non-smiling smile at Meng Wan’er, and that gaze seemed as though she was looking at an idiot!

“Since Valley Master Meng has already said this, then let’s test out the mechanism. Earlier I had indeed overlooked this. This is the perfect moment so that I can make use of this chance to teach you the proper usage and maintenance of the mechanism, in case you guys spoil the mechanism in just a few years’ time.”

Her attitude was natural and unrestrained, perfectly composed.