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Chapter 2242: Simply a miracle! (5)

Meng Hongye’s voice was quivering slightly as her joy was expressed within her speech.

This simply was because she really wanted to restore these mechanisms badly!

That year when she looked for Huang Yueli in her past life to set up the mechanism, she thought that the ninth levelled array was formidable hence she spared no means to move Ice Serpent Valley’s thousands of years of savings, just to complete this defensive mechanism.

But she neglected one point. Once the ninth levelled mechanism was overly exhausted, it would end up damaged and restoring that wasn’t something that an ordinary person could achieve.

Moreover, in the process of Huang Yueli’s armament refining, she would always add in a lot of exclusive methods so even if it was an eighth ranked Armament Master, they would practically be unable to decipher the mystery in the mechanism design blueprint.

Hence when the mechanism was damaged, Meng Hongye also found quite a number of famous Armament Masters and even risked exposing the secret Ice Serpent Valley, heading over to Sky Emperor City to look for Armament Masters in the Armament Guild Headquarters, but in the end, none of them could satisfy her.

These Armament Masters seemed very incredible but on hearing that they were required to restore Grandmaster Huang’s works, they immediately lost their confidence and most of them didn’t even dared to try as they hurriedly rejected.

After experiencing so many setbacks, Meng Hongye was about to give up.

This time round, on seeing this young lass from Blue Profound Sect, Meng Hongye originally didn’t hold any high hopes.

Even if Huang Yueli was filled with confidence, as she was brimming with confidence, Meng Hongye only treated her as a youngster who was boasting!

But this time, she actually guessed wrongly. This young lass wasn’t boasting, but… really had an overwhelming strong armament refining ability which no one heard of!

“This… this really is the blessings of the heavens bestowed upon our Ice Serpent Valley! The beast tide in the Northern Ice Fields is approaching and I was just worrying about how we are going to pass this year’s beast tide! It’s all good now, as long as we can restore those mechanisms, Ice Serpent Valley will be safe!”

Everyone’s eyes widened, waiting to see the miracle appear.

Only Meng Wan’er, on seeing Huang Yueli exhibiting her skills, showed a twisted expression on her face.

She couldn’t help but scream in her heart, Impossible! This can’t be possible! What backing does Bai Ruoli have, to really be able to obtain Palace Lord Huang’s legacy? She definitely is putting on a pretence? That’s right, now everything is merely temporary and the restoration process of the mechanisms have not ended so who can guarantee that the final outcome will definitely be a success?

Meng Wan’er was silently cursing, hoping that Huang Yueli would be able to make a mistake in the remaining time.

The best thing would be to have an explosion which would disfigure her pretty face so in that way, she would no longer be able to snatch the man from her!

Alas, Meng Wan’er’s curses were destined to fail.

Huang Yueli’s control of the restoration process was perfectly done.

The deviant flame which she chose to use this time was the Rainbow Core Flame which Dai Boqi had passed down to her.

This kind of deviant flame, when used in pill refining, could raise the success rate of pills being refined whereas when it’s used during armament refining, it would also have a similar effect, and its characteristic was of an extremely stable deviant flame.

Under her skilled operation, the Rainbow Core Flame smelted the entire ninth levelled mechanism once again.

Huang Yueli was extremely satisfied with the men whom Meng Hongye had sent to her as these people’s coordination level was very high and towards every single command of hers, they did not discount anything and executed her instructions well, saving her quite an amount of energy.

Slowly, the restoration process entered the concluding part.

All of the materials had been fused perfectly with the mechanism.