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Chapter 2241: Simply a miracle! (4)

Meng Wan’er’s lips revealed a cold smile, feeling even more so that Huang Yueli would definitely lose her face this time round!

However, at this present moment, Huang Yueli who was standing in the middle of the array failed to notice Meng Wan’er’s emotional changes.

It was to the point that even Ice Serpent Valley’s ordinary disciples screaming weren’t able to penetrate her ears.

All of her attention was placed onto this massive sized mechanism which she had completed in her past life, and she focused all her concentration she had in her mind, every single ounce of Profound Energy within her meridians were all operated together.

Now, the mechanism was totally activated and she could not allow any mishaps!

Ninth levelled mechanism had inexhaustible formidable power and even if a ninth stage realm strong exponent were to go head up against it, it would also end up in a narrow escape, what more for her who was in seventh stage realm!

It just required one slight error and she would die horribly!

But although the situation was tensed up, Huang Yueli’s face remained calm and she was unhurried in every single instruction.

“Tianshu position, inject in seventy percent Profound Energy!”

“Tianxuan position, Tianquan position, Kaiyang position, listen to my countdown and inject your Profound Energy at the same time. Three, two, one, start! Excellent!”

“Tianshu position countdown five breaths, stop injecting Profound Energy.”

“Next, you can inject ten pieces of Shattered Stars Jade in order starting from the bottom right damaged position, please get ready…”

Huang Yueli’s sweet and melodious voice kept ringing in the vast snowy land.

Every single command was simple yet sonorous which clearly stated the specific operation which should be proceeded next.

Under her command, every single participating practitioner, although they were taut like a string, but weren’t feeling terrified or puzzled.

Huang Yueli’s voice and tone seemed to have magical powers, which allowed these people who were listening to her instructions for the first time believed, that as long as they trusted her fully and followed according to her requests, faithfully finishing whatever was to be done and they would be able to arrive at the final destination!

The truth was indeed as such.

Those who were within the array originally were able to detect the totality of the situation but for those bystanders who were outside the array, they were not able to see clearly that the originally obviously damaged mechanism, under the burning furnace, slowly started to congeal into shape as some inclining parts had all been restored onto the right track.

As time went by, the practitioners within the array who were assisting her started to have flawless coordination with her as the restoration speed became faster and faster.

The crowd outside the array were all dumbstruck by now.

Just two hours ago, other than the few outsiders from Blue Profound Sect, no one else believed that such a young lass like her was able to restore such a high levelled mechanism!

Even if it was just a passing thought, it still made one feel that it was just another fantasy story.

But at this very moment, the truth was already placed in front of their eyes.

A miracle had really happened!

Meng Hongye’s expression was firstly startled, followed by turning into shock and her usually cold and aloof image could not be maintained as she rubbed her eyes several times, just to prove that she hadn’t seen it wrongly.

Finally, her face flushed a joyous expression as she drew out a piece of nutsedge paper scroll as she opened it up and looked in detail against the sunlight.

“That’s right, it’s totally correct! Palace Lord Huang’s completed design back then looked exactly like this, without any difference at all! Looks like she really can restore the mechanism!”