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Chapter 2226: Two requests (2)

Meng Hongye deliberated over this for a moment and she already had a plan in her heart.

“In this way, since you’ve obtained Palace Lord Huang’s notes that means that you’re considered as her transmitted disciple?”

Huang Yueli raised her brows as she said, “….. considered so I guess.”

Meng Hongye nodded her head, “Alright, since that’s the case, This Valley Master shall test you to see if you’ve really obtained Palace Lord Huang’s legacy and if you’ve learnt some abilities from her! If what you said is true, This Valley Master will naturally welcome my old friend’s juniors but if the truth proves that you’re deceiving This Valley Master…”

She paused for a moment and her tone was filled with an obvious threatening intent.

But, Huang Yueli and the others naturally weren’t frightened at all.

Don’t say that Huang Yueli’s skills were invulnerable and Meng Hongye’s assessment to her was only a small dish and even if she really made any mistakes, based on her team’s ability, they would not be afraid of any powerhouses’ challenges.

Huang Yueli replied unperturbedly, “Alright, what does Valley Master Meng want me to do? Please feel free to instruct!”

Meng Hongye nodded and said, “Great, since this is so… Young Miss Bai, to tell you frankly, ever since the last time Palace Lord Huang helped our Ice Serpent Valley to set up the mechanisms again, twenty years had already passed and in this period of time, we have resisted several snowstorms and magical beasts’ wave so there are a number of mechanisms and arrays which have been damaged. If you really have obtained Palace Lord Huang’s legacy, then please try to restore the mechanisms that she had left behind, it shouldn’t be a problem right?”

Meng Hongye’s words have just ended when Liu Buyan frowned and couldn’t help but interrupted, “Valley Master Meng, isn’t your request taking advantage of others? Palace Lord Huang’s mechanisms and arrays that year require at least a seventh ranked Armament Master standard in order to restore it! You’re asking such a high ranked Armament Master to work for free?”

Meng Hongye replied disapprovingly, “Why? Do you have objections? If you’re not able to do it, or not willing to do so, you may directly leave immediately and This Valley Master will not stop you! Don’t think that This Valley Master doesn’t know your intentions. You came visiting, isn’t it because you want Ice Serpent Valley to send someone with you to the Northern Ice Fields’s frozen zone? This is an extremely dangerous matter and if we’re not careful, we might just pay with my Valley’s disciple’s life! Shouldn’t I take in some interest for it?”

To tell the truth, for Meng Hongye to state such a request, it was purely making things difficult for other people.

The current season was Northern Ice Field’s most dangerous Extreme Night Phase and even for Ice Serpent Valley’s disciples who had resided in the Northern Ice Fields for a long time, they would also not choose to enter the frozen zone at this time.

As the Master of the Valley, she naturally wasn’t willing for her disciples to take this risk.

If it was any other person to have looked for her, Meng Hongye couldn’t even be bothered to meet them, and would immediately ask the other party to scram.

It was exactly because Huang Yueli took out the Disheartened Zither and due to past sentiments, she didn’t feel good to directly reject them hence she specially found an excuse to try and make the other party back off on their own accord.

After all, from what Meng Hongye thought, this young lass called Bai Ruoli was merely a sixteen to seventeen year old young lady and her age was simply too young!

Armament refining skills and cultivation were totally different matters.

Cultivation arts, although one’s age was young, as long as they had heaven defying innate talent, they would still be able to speedily advance.

But Armament refining skills needed a long time to practice and to keep on accumulating experience before one could become a great master at all. There was no shortcut at all.

Hence, it was not possible for this young lass to complete her conditions.