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Chapter 2227: Two requests (3)

Meng Hongye was adamant that only if Huang Yueli was able to restore the exterior’s mechanisms, then she would send someone with them to the Northern Ice Fields.

After Liu Buyan saw her resolute attitude when he voiced out his protest, he also shut his mouth.

Anyway, it wasn’t as if Huang Yueli really couldn’t complete it, but rather, Liu Buyan felt that doing this was too disadvantageous hence he voiced out his objections.

Meng Hongye saw that no one spoke out hence she assumed that they were defeated by this condition and were prepared to back out of it.

She waved her hand and called the attendants at the door, “Men, send these guests out!”

“Wait a minute!” Huang Yueli stretched out her hand and stopped the attendants, “Valley Master Meng, I agree to your conditions!”

Meng Hongye apparently had not expected her to actually say such things and on her usually icy cold frosty face revealed an astonished look.

“What? You agreed? Are you certain you heard what I said clearly?”

Huang Yueli nodded her head slowly, “I heard it clearly. Valley Master Meng’s meaning is that as long as I am responsible for restoring the mechanisms and arrays that Palace Lord Huang left behind that year, to make it operate as usual, you will send someone to help us head to the frozen zone, am I right?”

Meng Hongye creased her brows slightly, as she still didn’t dare to believe what she heard!

“I say, Young Miss Bai, you’re from Sky Emperor City so you should be clearer than me on what kind of existence of an Armament Master Palace Lord Huang was in Soaring Heavens Continent! She was said to be the most outstanding Armament Grandmaster in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent! The mechanisms she left behind aren’t as simple as those ordinary mechanisms that you usually see! Are you certain that you can restore it?”

Huang Yueli smiled as she said, “There’s no point in us talking too much about this, Valley Master Meng will find out once you allow me to have a try! But…” her topic took a change, “I also have a condition.”

Meng Hongye was extremely astonished, “What? You also have a condition?”

Most Armament Masters, on hearing that they were going to restore such an esteemed mechanism, would suffer from a huge psychological pressure wondering if they would be able to restore it properly.

However, this young lass, at such a tender age, actually had such a confident attitude. Not only did she promise the skies, she even dared to raise her a condition!

Could she really have the certainty that she would be able to restore Huang Yueli’s mechanisms?

She probably hadn’t even seen what those mechanisms looked like!

Huang Yueli hadn’t even got the time to state out her conditions when she heard a burst of sneering coming from her back, “Hur hur, this is just too comical! Do you really treat yourself as an Armament Master? Trying to state conditions with my Master?”

Meng Wan’er’s face was filled with ridicule as her eyes were completely full of disdain.

She had been listening to the conversation between Huang Yueli and party and Meng Hongye earlier.

When she heard that Li Moying was Soaring Heavens Continent’s largest powerhouse’s Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master, Meng Wan’er felt extremely elated and was even more smitten by Li Moying.

Indeed, this man who had outstanding looks and ability, only a man with this kind of celebrated status was compatible with her!

Li Moying was really a perfect man with no flaws and if she missed this one, she would probably not be able to find a second one!

Meng Wan’er was even more determined to rid Li Moying’s fiancée and seduce this exclusive finest quality male god into her hand!

The more Meng Wan’er looked at the young lady, the more she couldn’t stand her and now on hearing that she actually wanted to restore the mechanisms and arrays that was left behind by Palace Lord Huang, she instantly couldn’t endure it any longer.