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Chapter 2225: Two requests (1)

Cang Po Jun and the others all shook and the Profound Energy as well as their might were unleashed from their bodies!

In an instant, the main hall was filled with an austere aura, as the air was radiating a tensed atmosphere.

Cang Po Jun and the others were tensed up as they kept surveying their surroundings anxiously. In terms of ability, the few of them were ninth stage realm peak practitioners and Soaring Heavens Continent’s top rated exponents, hence they weren’t fearful of any powerhouses’ attacks.

But this was after all other people’s turf and this Ice Serpent Valley was such a desolate place that looked mysterious and unfathomable. So they weren’t able to confirm that if they fought right there, what underlying ace would they have.

Now Li Moying who had the greatest battle power wasn’t able to take action against anyone, and moreover he needed protection hence they could not afford any losses.

The others present all entered into a battle stage mode.

But being in the thunderstorm centre’s Li Moying and Huang Yueli had a totally different reaction as compared to the others.

When Huang Yueli heard Meng Hongye’s words, she revealed a fit of astonishment and her eyes revealed slight hints of embarrassment.

On the other hand, Li Moying’s brows creased slightly as he turned back and stared at the young lady beside him.

Huang Yueli detected his gaze and secretly stuck out her tongue, feeling rather sorry about this.

Thinking of the past, she had always been retarded as she couldn’t detect that she already had developed feelings for Mu Chengying hence she often found an excuse to hide from Mu Chengying. She also complained about this to Meng Hongye that Mu Chengying’s relentless wooing made her feel troubled but she had not expected that it actually caused Meng Hongye to misunderstand, thinking that Blue Profound Sect had been chasing after to kill her…..

She was the one who caused this problem hence she could only solve this on her own.

Huang Yueli touched her nose as she explained, “Valley Master Meng, you’ve really mistaken. According to what this junior knows, that year Palace Lord Huang and Sovereign Mu were a pair of lovers but there were some misunderstandings hence it caused you to have this misperception. In actual fact, their relationship was very good. Palace Lord Huang left behind an armament refining notebook in Blue Profound Sect that year and this junior had learnt quite a number of things from it from those notes. Valley Master Meng should know that to Armament Masters, if it was someone whom they trusted very much, they would rather die than to leave behind their own legacy.”

When Meng Hongye heard those words, her heart stirred and then she waved her hand, indicating for the guards to back down.

A pair of icy cold eyes kept sizing Huang Yueli up.

Huang Yueli maintained her graceful posture in front of her, allowing her to observe her carefully.

Although she and Meng Hongye had not met for the past sixteen years, but she still understood this female Valley Master from Ice Serpent Valley very well.

For tens of thousands of years, Ice Serpent Valley had been isolated from the world and their defensive psychological state against outsiders was very strong hence it was difficult for outsiders to obtain the other party’s trust. But once they were able to obtain Ice Serpent Valley’s recognition, then they would receive warm hospitality and at the same time, Ice Serpent Valley’s people attached importance to affections and they would also exhaust their best to defend their friend.

Meng Hongye was this such person. She might look like an ice beauty but in actual fact, she was a magnanimous person hence she was able to lead this large powerhouse which was secluded from outside the world.

But she had a prudent character which was why she kept interrogating these few people.

When Meng Hongye saw Huang Yueli’s joyful and composed look, she was inwardly amazed by her.

This lass looked like she was just sixteen or seventeen years old but her cultivation was already at seventh stage realm! Her innate skill was something which was rarely seen in this world!

Moreover, the aura from her was impressive and steady, as she was neither servile nor overbearing and this was the kind of temperament which top-rated strong exponents who had been established for many years would have.

For that one instance, Meng Hongye still thought that she was seeing that year’s Huang Yueli!