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Chapter 2222: Secluded Sect (6)

In front of her eyes was a young lady of sweet, fair and graceful build as she was dressed in a flowing dress, and also covered in a Snow Fox fur cape.

That face was so beautiful as though she wasn’t like a real human and the look she portrayed when standing on the snowy lands was like a sprightly fairy, possessing surpassing beauty.

Meng Wan’er was stumped in an instant.

Earlier, in order for the bitter wind to not blow on his Li’er, Li Moying intentionally pulled Huang Yueli behind his back to help her block off the chilly wind.

Whereas for Meng Wan’er, she had only been staring at this outstanding handsome male in front of her eyes so since when did she even notice the petite young lady who was standing behind his back.

Now with one look, Meng Wan’er’s expression became a little twisted because she had always been a self-acclaimed peerless beauty but whoever knew on one look at this young lady in front of her eyes, she finally knew what was called comparing one to another would result in death whereas comparing goods would result it in being thrown away!

As compared to Huang Yueli, she was simply like ordinary rouge and cosmetics!

“You… what did you say earlier?” Meng Wan’er didn’t hear clearly what Huang Yueli said earlier.

Huang Yueli pursed her lips as she repeated the words that she had said earlier coldly.

She was feeling extremely unhappy inside her heart!

Just looking at Meng Wan’er’s look, she knew that this fellow must have been smitten by Li Moying’s gorgeous face and she had taken fancy to her fiancé!

No matter if it was in their past lives or in their current lives, she had seen this smitten gaze in many other women and if she still couldn’t tell, that would be strange!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli couldn’t help but look askance as she stared at the man next to her fiercely.

After Li Moying was being stared at, he didn’t make any expressions but inside his heart, he was already jumping for joy.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there were outsiders from Ice Serpent Valley right here, he simply wanted to grab Huang Yueli over for a kiss!

If it was in their past life, whenever Huang Yueli met with other women who liked him, she would normally give an extremely cold snort before turning her head away, totally not giving any chance for him to explain.

Unlike now, not only did she not leave, she even jumped out to declare her ownership!

She finally gained a little self-awareness of being his fiancée.

When Meng Wan’er heard Huang Yueli’s words, she finally caught hold of the main point as her expression instantly changed, “What did you say? This Young Master is your fiancé?”

Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s right.”

“Impossible!” Meng Wan’er couldn’t help but screeched, “How old are the both of you, and you’re already engaged??”

High levelled practitioners’ life span was very long and moreover they were usually concentrated on cultivation when they were young, so they wouldn’t consider family matters hence even if both of them had feelings for each other, they usually wouldn’t settle down at such a young age.

Hence it was no wonder that Meng Wan’er felt shocked.

Huang Yueli gave a cold humph as her expression grew uglier and her outstretched hand which was still in Li Moying’s arm secretly pinched him hard.

Li Moying felt pain, knowing that if he still didn’t speak out, this little fox would fly into a rage immediately!

He didn’t dare to continue watching the show as he hurriedly stood out and said coldly, “Young Miss Meng, this is my fiancée and my private affair and it doesn’t seem to be of your concern? Your purpose in coming here, isn’t it to receive us and bring us to meet Valley Master Meng? Why are you asking these matters which are of no concern?”

Meng Wan’er was stuffed for words and realised that she was overly agitated earlier hence she had appeared inappropriately.

Not only did it raise the other party’s suspicions, moreover it seemed that she had offended this ageless handsome man a little.

She immediately kept away her coveting gaze as she put on a dignified pose.

“My apologies, I have misspoken. Ice Serpent Valley rarely has outsiders so I was naturally slightly curious.”