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Chapter 2221: Secluded Sect (5)

“Moreover, all of you are all ninth stage realm, eighth stage realm top exponents and even the youngest girl like me is also seventh stage realm. A group of people with threat suddenly appear and everyone puts on their defensive side, that is a must isn’t it?”

Huang Yueli was just explaining right here when she saw that team of guards earlier and a female attendant who was dressed in formal ceremonial robe and they were escorting a luxuriously dressed young lady.

That young lady looked like she was only seventeen or eighteen years old with almond shaped eyes and peach cheeks, fair skin and look extremely beautiful. Moreover from the way that everyone were crowding around here, they knew that she must be some important figure with an extremely valued status within Ice Serpent Valley.

The guards and female attendant walked towards the entrance and immediately split up into left and right to become two groups, opening up the pathway in the middle. They respectfully bowed their heads and waited for the luxuriously dressed young lady to walk past them.

The luxuriously dressed young lady walked to the front of them and her chin was raised very high up, apparently rather arrogant and haughty.

“This young lady is Meng Wan’er, Valley Master Meng’s eldest disciple and I’m on my Master’s orders to welcome the few of you. May I ask… who was it among you who had brought the Disheartened Zither earlier?”

She was speaking as she shot an incisive gaze around those few people.

However, after Meng Wan’er saw the crowd clearly, the arrogance on her face was shed and in replacement was a few hints of alertness and fear.

She did not imagine that this group of people who came to visit were actually all top exponents with extraordinary abilities and among them, there were quite a number of. ninth stage realm peak practitioners!

Especially when Meng Wan’er’s gaze fell onto Li Moying’s face, in an instance, she wasn’t able to shift her eyes away.

Growing to such an age, she had never seen such an outstanding man who looked like this!

Handsome and straight features, as though it was sculpted with the most exquisite care from heavens, tall and robust build, powerful and cool aura, and that eminent pose…

That pair of bewitching peach blossom eyes, although beneath it was icy cold gloominess which one couldn’t see where the ends of the depth was, but it gave him an extra tinge of mysterious feel.

One only needed to take one look and many young ladies would sink under his dangerous charm.

What was most heart quivering was that he looked as though he was only a little over twenty years old but yet he was already a ninth stage realm top exponent!

This excellent innate talent was simply unheard of!

“This…. Young Master, may I ask, are you the one who brought the Disheartened Zither along?”

She opened her mouth once again and even her voice turned much gentler with a pair of clear, bright eyes as she kept staring at Li Moying without even batting her eyelids.

Li Moying shot a cold glance at her and didn’t say a single word.

“This Young Master, why aren’t you talking…”

Meng Wan’er couldn’t help but take a step forward as her face lifted up vertically, revealing an angle which she self-assumed that was the most beautiful to face Li Moying.

This kind of outstanding man, she probably wasn’t able to find another one in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent hence she naturally didn’t want to miss him.

Whoever knew that before she had even walked to Li Moying, a petite small figure scurried out from his side, blocking right in front of Li Moying.

“So sorry, Young Miss Meng, you’ve got it wrong! I’m the one who brought the Disheartened Zither along, my fiancé is merely just accompanying me here!”

The young lady’s sweet and clear voice was melodious like a nightingale and just from the voice alone, one was able to imagine just what kind of peerless beauty she was.

Meng Wan’er’s footsteps took a halt as she turned her head around to take a look in astonishment.