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Chapter 2223: Secluded Sect (7)

Meng Wan’er explained as she tried to cover up with a sentence and took a step back, “Distinguished guests of Ice Serpent Valley, please come with me.”

She said that and turned around as she led the crowd inside.

Anyway, no matter what, this man and that little young beauty earlier were merely fiancé and fiancée who had not married yet, she still had a chance!

Even if they were married, it meant nothing because after all for tyrannical men with ability, having a few wives or concubines was very normal. Although that young lass was beautiful, but she was after all still very young and was an underdeveloped little sprout, so how was she going to be compared to her Meng Wan’er’s curvaceous body which she was so proud of?

She had the assets to fight for him!

The most important thing now was that she absolutely could not allow that Young Master to be unhappy so she would keep this group of people in Ice Serpent Valley first so that she could find a chance to seduce him.

Meng Wan’er was leading the road in front as she kept introducing Ice Serpent Valley’s scenery in a low voice.

From her voice and tone, it didn’t seem like there was any oddity and she had changed into a passionate host, welcoming the valuable guests sincerely who came over for a visit.

This was the first time that Cang Po Jun and the others had been to Ice Serpent Valley and were attracted by the strange glacier sights within the surroundings.

Only Huang Yueli noticed that every time Meng Wan’er turned her head back, her gaze had always floated towards Li Moying without stopping, probably she still hadn’t given up!

Although Huang Yueli knew clearly that it was useless for Meng Wan’er to have any funny ideas because her Moying would absolutely not waver but on seeing something coveting her man, no matter how she thought about it, she just felt uncomfortable about it!

Hmph, this was her man, hers!

No matter how handsome looking or how tempting this man was, he only belonged exclusively to her – Huang Yueli!!!

As though feeling the rage from the young lady beside him, Li Moying’s lips curled upwards uncontrollably as he stretched out his hand and locked his fingers into hers, pulling her towards his side.

Huang Yueli wanted to draw back her hand but was held on tightly by Li Moying, as he refused to loosen his grip.

At the same time, the man’s thumb was drawing circles in her palm which felt a little teasing and somehow pacifying which made her feel itchy from her palm all the way to her heart.

Huang Yueli pouted her lips as she felt a little irreconciled but she still allowed her man to lead her away.

The Shadow Guards behind them all saw this and found nothing strange about this. Their own Master and future Mistress had always been loving daily and they were already able to filter it out by themselves, otherwise they would choke on the dog food fed to them sooner or later!

However, Meng Wan’er noticed it from the sides of her peripheral view and she felt extremely indignant!

Wasn’t this lass just a little better looking? She actually dared to show this outstanding man that expression!

And that male god actually accommodated her, and even initiated to hold her hand!

How could there be such a thing? Male god must have never met with any gentle and considerate woman before hence he was cheated by this woman who had no female virtues at all!

All of them had their own thoughts and very soon, they walked out from the ice sculpted corridor and came to the deepest end of the valley.

In there was a palace building which stood on a vast piece of land and moreover it was three storeys high, totally made out of ice as it looked majestic and imposing, which seemed to sparkle when one looked at it from afar.

“This is simply like a miracle! There’s actually a house made out of ice and snow and it’s even built three storeys high!” Cang Po Jun couldn’t help but exclaim.

Meng Wan’er was apparently rather delighted, “That’s right, we Ice Serpent Valley’s descendants have been inheriting in the Northern Ice Fields for generations and these palaces and buildings are all left behind from since ancient historical times, and after generations of renovations hence we are able to conserve it in a complete state.”