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Chapter 2210: Return to Northern Ice Fields (2)

Too tired last night…..

Last night… too tired…..

Li Moying’s words sounded a little too ambiguous.

Even for that usually candid Cang Po Jun, he couldn’t help but go awry in his thinking as he was silently ridiculing his own Sovereign for being too beastly. What kind of timing was this now, he still bullied Grandmaster Huang!

Whereas for Liu Buyan, he almost spat out a mouthful of old blood!

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was well versed in medical knowledge and could tell that Huang Yueli was still undefiled, probably even he would also believe in this!

Based on his understanding towards the both of them, although Li Moying and Huang Yueli were staying together, they had not once derailed and moreover, they had already endured this for such a long time. Now at this juncture, they naturally wouldn’t possibly go do such a thing, to add more uncertainty to their future.

Liu Buyan calmed down for a moment and recalled that yesterday when Dai Boqi brought the medicinal pill over to look for Huang Yueli, he instantly understood what was going on.

He walked in front of Li Moying as he sized him up and down, “Looks like… yesterday you’ve already taken the simplified version of the Purified Spirit Polymerize Pill? How do you feel?”

Li Moying originally wanted to make him angry so he had not expected this fellow to not be tricked as his gaze turned deep but the expression on his face totally didn’t change at all.

“Not bad, after I took the pill last night, I fell asleep and when I got up this morning, I still feel a little dizzy, not as spirited as in the past when I woke up.”

When Liu Buyan heard that, he nodded his head, “You fell asleep because of the Soul Soothing Grass’s medicinal effect and now the medicinal effects have yet to end but in about a day or so, you don’t feel dizzy anymore. This medicinal pill will alleviate your Soul Detachment Illness symptoms in the short run but you must not fight with anyone and within the next three months, you should be able to move as per normal but you will fall asleep for twelve to fourteen hours every day.”

Hearing that, Li Moying couldn’t help but give a smile, “That’s good, when we return from the Northern Ice Fields, I must thank Divine Doctor Dai properly!”

Liu Buyan gave a cold harrumph as he spoke out, “Whether you can come back safely or not, that remains to be seen. Did you hear my words clearly or not, you’re not allowed to fight with anyone! I hope by then, you will endure it properly!”

Liu Buyan had apparently seen through Li Moying’s weak point.

Being poked on this pointer, Li Moying indeed wrinkled his pair of straight brows.

This matter, Liu Buyan and Dai Boqi hadn’t warned him for the first time but there was never once that he managed to endure it.

Li Moying didn’t admit that his self-control wasn’t enough but it was simply… because some wretched people needed to be punched!

He remained silent for a moment and spoke out, “I understand what you mean. This time round, I will listen to Li’er’s commands and even if I run into a precarious situation, I will let you guys handle it. But you must swear that you will protect Li’er properly and if she’s bullied by someone, I will absolutely not bear it!”

Liu Buyan kept away his smile as his concentration became solemn, “Don’t worry, even if I throw away my life, I will also protect Junior Sister properly!”

Li Moying nodded his head and took a look at him, his heart feeling out of sorts.

When had he, the Number One Top Exponent in Soaring Heavens Continent, ever degraded to this step where he needed to ask his love rival to protect his woman?

He could not continue in this way any longer and this time round, he must snatch back the Bipolar Black Orchid, and get well soon!

It was nine in the morning when Huang Yueli woke up from her sleep.

Opening her eyes to take a look, the sunlight outside was radiant and the sun was already shining!

Thinking that they were supposed to set off today, she shuddered and immediately sat up.