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Chapter 2211: Return to Northern Ice Fields (3)

She had just got up when she suddenly heard a familiar voice, “Li’er, are you awake, still feeling sleepy? Do you want to take a rest?”

Huang Yueli’s gaze shifted to the man dressed in a dark gold coloured long robe who was seated on a chair by the window.

The sun rays shone on his side face which made his chiselled contours appear even more mesmerizing. He used his hand to prop up his head as his peach blossomed eyes contained brilliant lights as it sparkled while he fixed his gaze who had just woke up and was still a little blurry.

Huang Yueli went into a daze as she met Li Moying’s sight in an instance and her face immediately turned hot…

It was until she heard Li Moying’s deep laughter when she suddenly recollected her senses as she couldn’t help but used her hand to cover her face.

Really, why did this man have to be so good looking for no good reason? Simply too tempting till it’s a violation!

Li Moying stood up and walked over towards her, “What’s the matter? Why are you hiding your face? Are you not feeling well anywhere?”

These words sounded as though he was concerned about her but the man’s tone was filled with a teasing laughter which could not be concealed.

Huang Yueli knew that he was doing this intentionally as she couldn’t help but raise her head and give him a stare, “No, I was only… too tired last night hence I overslept. On the contrary, how are you feeling? You actually just fell asleep just like that yesterday, giving me a shock! Luckily my Master told me that he had included Soul Soothing Grass into the medicinal pill otherwise I’d be scared to death by you!”

Li Moying’s face was filled with innocence, “How would I know? It’s obviously you who was anxious for me to swallow the pill ah? After eating it I felt a little tired and just wanted to shut my eyes to rest for a while but in the end I immediately lost consciousness….”

“Then how about now? How do you feel?” Huang Yueli kept looking up and down, left and right at him.

Although from his exterior, Li Moying seemed rather spirited and had regained his usual unsurpassed eminent and outstanding graceful bearing, but Huang Yueli still wasn’t very assured.

Li Moying put out his finger as he scra ped her nose, “Don’t be anxious, Li’er, after I woke up this morning, I felt much better. Earlier when I met Liu Buyan, he also said that in the next few months, I can be like an ordinary person.”

“Really? That’s great…” Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief and following that, she finally recalled the itinerary which she had forgotten today.

“Ah, right! Since you already woke up in the morning, why didn’t you wake me up earlier! Didn’t we agree to gather in front of Levitation Sword Palace and move out together today?” Thinking of this, she almost jumped up.

Li Moying laughed as he pulled her into his embrace, “Anyway now that my illness has already stabilised, these few hours doesn’t really matter. I’ve already informed them that we’ll set off in the afternoon.”

Huang Yueli’s eyes grew wide, “What? This isn’t very good isn’t it? We’ve already agreed…..”

She was saying that when she saw Li Moying’s handsome looking face being magnified in front of her eyes, and at the same time a gentle touch landed on her lips, cutting off her unspoken words.

After Li Moying snuck a kiss, he licked his lips as though he hadn’t got enough of it.

“Yesterday night you haven’t eaten much so now you should be hungry right? I’ve got them to prepare lunch so let’s eat first and then we’ll meet up.”

Saying that, he walked to the clothes rack beside the bed and took up the clothes which had already been prepared as he passed it over to Huang Yueli.

This was a set of mixed weaved ice silk flowing dress and not only did it have a strong defense, it was also extremely beautiful.

Under the sunlight, it reflected various different colours.