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Chapter 2209: Return to Northern Ice Fields (1)

Who asked this heartless little girl to be filled with her fiancée in her mind so as her Master, he had to teach her how to do acupuncture with the golden needles and also to help her refine pills, to slog like an ox and horse, yet he still wasn’t as important as this stinky brat Li Moying!

He intentionally didn’t mention it, just so to make her flustered!

But when he really saw Huang Yueli’s anxious look, Dai Boqi still couldn’t bear that hence he couldn’t help but speak out the truth.

Huang Yueli relaxed as she carried Li Moying up and placed him onto the bed gently. She even removed his shoes and outer robe and carefully covered him up with a blanket just so that he could sleep a little more comfortably.

Dai Boqi was feeling even more stifled as he watched her do all those.

Sigh, he had been childless in this entire life and it was all thanks to Huang Yueli who allowed him to feel the melancholies of a daughter being abducted.

The white cabbage in his hands had been fed to the pig in such a way!

Dai Boqi couldn’t watch any longer as he finally decided that what remained unseen was deemed to be clean hence he turned around and left the room.

Huang Yueli locked the door securely and climbed onto bed as she laid down beside Li Moying.

Just like what Dai Boqi said earlier, Li Moying’s unconsciousness was only because of the Soul Soothing Grass’s hypnosis effect.

He slept very well for the entire time and only occasionally, he would murmur out some words because he was having a nightmare.

Huang Yueli had already met this sort of situation many times and she knew that as long as she spoke a few words beside Li Moying’s side, at most just kissing him a few more times, it would allow him to regain his peace.

This time was no exception as well.

Under her careful care, Li Moying slept through the night peacefully.

When dawn just broke, Li Moying woke up.

His head was still a little dizzy and momentarily, he couldn’t recall how he had climbed onto bed by himself.

Until he saw Huang Yueli with her rosy little face sleeping beside her when he suddenly recalled.

The man’s slender index finger ran past her delicate face as his peach blossom eyes which were filled with warmth and heartache.

Yesterday night, although he was in the state of lethargic sleep, he could still distinctly felt a pair of warm little hands, which kept taking care of him carefully, so this little lass must have been tired out last night!

Otherwise there was no way that she could sleep this soundly.

“It’s been hard on you, my Li’er.”

Li Moying spoke with a low voice as he planted a light kiss on her forehead.

Haung Yueli had been sleeping extremely soundly and Li Moying was her most trusted person hence she remained in dreamland, not even creasing her brows one bit.

Li Moying got down the bed carefully, not alarming her.

By the time he walked out of the bedroom, in front of the main hall, in the public square of Levitation Sword Palace, Cang Po Jun and the others had already been dressed properly as they lined up well prepared and in high spirits in front of the Snow Cloud Sky Ship, all preparing to set off.

This day was the day which they had agreed upon, the day to head towards the Northern Ice Fields.

On seeing Li Moying walking out, everyone shot their gazes behind him, all anticipating to see Huang Yueli but in the end, they realised that it was just him alone.

“What’s the situation? Where’s my Junior Sister? Could it be that she had finally thought it through and decided not to follow a trash like you to throw her life away?” Liu Buyan spoke out chillingly, and the moment he opened his mouth, he bore the rhythm of infuriating one to his death.

Cang Po Jun’s attitude was much more respectful, “Sovereign, is there anything that Grandmaster Huang had yet to prepare? Do you need This Subordinate to go over and help out?”

Li Moying shook his head as he spoke out lightly, “No need, she’s just too tired out last night. I came over to inform you guys to delay the setting off time a little. We’ll leave when Li’er waits up in the afternoon!”