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Chapter 2208: Kiss upon disagreement (6)

Huang Yueli hurriedly stuffed his mouth with her hand, “Enough, stop fooling around! Don’t you agitate my Master again! Do you really treat Soul Detachment Illness as something fun? Quickly take the pill and tomorrow morning, we will set off and we can’t afford to day anymore!”

Saying that, she leaned towards Dai Boqi’s side as she showed a pleasing smile, “Master, this… give this disciple the pill please?”

Dai Boqi fiddled with his white beard as he gave a humph, “Now that you recall that you have a Master like me?”

Huang Yueli hurriedly leaned over as she pulled Dai Boqi’s arm and helped him over to a chair as she personally poured some water for him, presenting it to him with both hands.

“Master, please sit! …. Master, please have tea! … Master do you want some snacks?”

After a flurry of eagerly attentive service, Dai Boqi finally felt that he had gained back some dignity as a senior and Divine Doctor.

He then loosened his grip on his fingers as he passed Huang Yueli the medicinal bottle in his hands.

Huang Yueli hurriedly pulled out the stopper as she poured out a green coloured half translucent medicinal pill.

A strange medicinal fragrance instantly spread.

Dai Boqi put down his teacup as he reminded from the side, “The minute this pill sees light, the medicinal effects would be lost very quickly, you must take it immediately!”

Huang Yueli didn’t dare to delay as she immediately stuffed the pill into Li Moying’s mouth, then made him swallow the water.

Li Moying put down the teacup and saw Huang Yueli kept staring at him as she kept asking, “Have you swallowed it? How do you feel? Is there anywhere that you feel uncomfortable?”

Her anxious look was extremely tempting.

Li Moying couldn’t help but curled his lips as he laughed and placated her, “I’m alright, this medicinal pill…”

However, his words were just half completed when it suddenly stopped and immediately following that, he fell straight down from the right hand side.

This time round, it gave Huang Yueli a huge shock.

She anxiously pounced over to check on Li Moying’s condition, “Moying, Moying, what’s the matter with you? Could it be that you’re feeling giddy again? Or a headache? Quickly wake up, don’t scare me!”

She stretched out her finger below Li Moying’s nose to test his breathing and later felt for his pulse as though everything was normal but no matter how she called out to him, or even secretly used her fingernails to pinch his philtrum, he just leaned by the side of the table without moving at all, completely losing his subconsciousness.

“Enough, that fellow is alright, no need to be so anxious.”

Just at this moment, Dai Boqi’s voice was heard coming from her back.

Huang Yueli then realised that Dai Boqi was still around and she hurriedly turned back and asked, “Master, quickly come over and help me take a look, what’s the matter… with Moying? Could it be that the pill has some problem?”

Dai Boqi replied unhappily, “This Old Man refined this pill personally, how could there possibly be a problem with it? This is the most normal reaction that he should have after taking this pill! Treatment for primordial spirit damages naturally can only occur when his subconscious is at its most relaxed point hence when This Old Man was refining medicinal herbs, I’ve included some soul soothing grass which can aid him to enter the state of deep sleep. If you continue to keep patting him with all your life in such a way, and if he really awakes from this, then the medicinal effect would take a huge discount!”

Hearing this, Huang Yueli then heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Master, you scared me to death, why didn’t you tell me earlier!”

Dai Boqi almost couldn’t breathe!

He intentionally didn’t tell her earlier about this.