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Chapter 2207: Kiss upon disagreement (5)

Dai Boqi’s excited voice suddenly stopped.

His eyes opened wide as he looked at the two people who separated swiftly.

Huang Yueli pushed the man away from her who had been trying to take advantage of her earlier as she looked at Dai Boqi with great embarrassment, “Cough cough, Master, you… what are you doing over here…”

Dai Boqi’s brows frowned as he gave Li Moying a stare and subsequently shifted towards Huang Yueli as he spoke out in a tone which felt as though he was disappointed with her for not living up to his expectations, “I say, disciple! Originally, since you don’t like Yan’er, then whoever you marry, as long as you yourself like him, This Old Man will support you. But you ought to be clear that you and Young Sect Master Li have not gotten married yet but you’re already so intimate! What if his Soul Detachment Illness isn’t cured and you two aren’t married, then you…”

Hearing that, when Li Moying heard those words, his gaze suddenly turned dangerous as he shot a chilly gaze towards Dai Boqi.

He was a natural born strong practitioner and even though he was cutting a sorry state from Huang Yueli’s push earlier, but that frigid cold gaze still remained filled with might.

Dai Boqi subconsciously shuddered from this gaze of his but he quickly regained his senses as he gave a cold snort, “You lad, don’t think you can threaten This Old Man! I’m telling you, my disciple, isn’t someone who you can casually marry away! When your Soul Detachment Illness recovers, This Old Man will test you!”

Li Moying totally didn’t take it to heart as he replied dimly, “Divine Doctor Dai, haven’t we agreed that after seven, it’s time for my Li’er to rest? Why have you come over so late at night for?”

Dai Boqi saw his disrespectful look towards him and he felt unhappy when he suddenly felt not that willing to pass him the pill so easily.

“About this, This Old Man is still hesitating to tell you about it or not, why not you beg me…..’ He wrapped his arms around his chest as he started to play mystery.

Huang Yueli had actually heard what he said when he barged right in hence she didn’t know if she should laugh or cry as she hurriedly interrupted him, “Master, please don’t take it against Moying! I heard about it already, you’ve already refined the simplified version of the Purified Spirit Polymerize Pill right? Quickly don’t waste time, let’s hurry and let Moying take it then!”

Dai Boqi blew his whiskers as his eyes widened, “You…. your elbow really turns towards the outside! You only have this stinky brat in your heart and totally don’t have the wish to help Master at all! Whose side are you on?”

Huang Yueli smiled sweetly as she replied, “Master, what are you saying? Of course, disciple is on your side? But look at my Moying, his body is so weak and perhaps he might not even be able to make it for his trip to the Northern Ice Fields. Disciple I have already sworn to share life and death with him and if he can’t make it, then I can only follow him! By then, you’ve painstakingly taken in a disciple but yet not obtained this disciple’s filial piety so wouldn’t you have made a great loss?”

When Dai Boqi heard her saying “standing on Master’s side”, he was silently happy for a moment but in the end when he heard what she finally said, he then realised that he had thought too much.

Which part of this was standing on his side, it’s obviously a plain threat!

Disciples who were married, were like water which were poured out!

Wrong, she hadn’t even married but had already become water which had been poured away. Ahhh, how stifling!

Dai Boqi was extremely melancholic but Li Moying however curled up his thin lips as he revealed a smile.

His Li’er, indeed valued him the most!

He grabbed Huang Yueli’s hand and held her into his arms as he almost couldn’t help but lowered his head to want to kiss her again.