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Chapter 2203: Kiss upon disagreement (1)

“We also can’t just go over directly like this, it’s better to make some preparations and specific plans, so let’s discuss this properly with everyone.”

After Huang Yueli finished what she had to say, the entire scene fell into a state of silence.

Everyone knew that the seriousness of this matter hence they were extremely prudent, not daring to voice out their views easily.

After a while later, Li Moying took the lead as he spoke, “This time to the Northern Ice Fields, the enemy whom we are facing is very strong but we can’t just leave Blue Profound Sect’s sect affairs aside and someone has to handle it, so…. Po Yu, we’ll have to trouble you to remain in Levitation Sword Palace, to be in charge of the Sect’s internal affairs.”

When Cang Po Yu heard that, he was dazed for a moment before he immediately stood up and bowed while speaking anxiously, “Sovereign, This Subordinate is not willing to remain in Levitation Sword Palace, it’s better to let This Subordinate to follow you to the Northern Ice Fields! This trip is extremely dangerous and making This Subordinate stay behind in Blue Profound Sect, I really can’t rest assured so it’s better to bring one more helper along!”

Li Moying shook his head, “Someone needs to stay behind in the sect. Among the three of you, Po Jun’s cultivation is the highest so he has to go with me. Po Hun’s character is rash and he’s unable to manage such a huge Sect so you’re still the most suitable. Don’t feel that you are not putting in any effort just because you’re staying back, the Sect’s affairs are the most important and the Six Sacred Lands are all eyeing Blue Profound Sect. This Sovereign is not in Levitation Sword Palace so there would be many troubling matters which require you to deal with!”

Cang Po Jun heard that and also persuaded, “Since Sovereign has already commanded, then you’d better stay behind. Later on I will explain the sect affairs that I have on my hands in detail to you.”

Since Li Moying already said that, Cang Po Yu was obviously disappointed but he could only nod his head to obey the command.

Li Moying continued, “Also, Jiyun also doesn’t need to go with us. Just follow Po Yu around and help out with arranging those factotums. You can get Po Yu to give you some pointers when you’re cultivating.”

When Luo Jiyun heard that, he almost jumped up, “Eldest Senior Brother, what do you mean? You’re taking such a huge risk to go to the Northern Ice Fields, why can’t I follow? Even if I can’t defeat those black robed men, at least I can help to carry some stuff, or raise the fire to cook or something?””

Huang Yueli heard that and almost laughed out, “Just you and thinking of cooking? I still want to live on for a few more years, and not die of diarrhoea!”

Luo Jiyun’s face flushed red as he spoke out embarrassedly, “Lil… Lil Sister-in-law, why are you saying this? I merely made a comparison, comparison only!”

Huang Yueli coughed slightly and spoke solemnly, Enough, not cracking jokes with you. This matter is of utmost importance so don’t create any trouble for your Senior Brother. Just this bit of cultivation which you have, it’d be better if you stay here and continue to cultivate, otherwise when you really reach the Northern Ice Fields, it’d be just a twiddle of a finger for someone to kill you!”

“But…” Luo Jiyun still wanted to say something more.

Li Moying opened his mouth and spoke in a deep tone, interrupting his unfinished sentence, “We’ll settle it at this!”

His tone was very peaceful, but Luo Jiyun could tell from his tone about his resolution hence he could only shrink back his head.

Other than Cang Po Yu and Luo Jiyun, everyone discussed this and requested for Dai Boqi to stay behind in Sky Emperor City.

Old Man Dai didn’t have any objections. He naturally knew that his age was very old and he practically didn’t have any battle power so there wasn’t much use for him to follow along so he might as well stay behind in Levitation Sword Palace to research on the prescription.

“But if this old man isn’t around, with only Yan’er around, if Young Sect Master’s illness acts up and requires the golden needles acupuncture, he might not be able to cope alone! In this case, it looks like this old man must give Lass Li a concentrated drill to make her grasp the basic gateway of golden needles acupuncture in the shortest amount of time.”